Lucky as fuck!

That's some once in a lifetime thing right there. It's more like once in many lifetimes. This guy almost gets hit by lightning...and if the lightning would've missed the flying tree branch would've got em. Could your blessings gramps!

  • spinal12 September 1, 2012

    first shit ass holes

  • 2indastink September 1, 2012

    ^^^^ well good for you...... You fucking rabid dog fucker.

  • downunder69 September 1, 2012

    hes been married for 96 years .. now thats unlucky you fucks

  • pizzapie September 1, 2012

    That lightning strike could have been an hour after the old man was there. Don't be fooled like the people that voted for Obama

  • acemc September 1, 2012

    one definite sign that god thinks you are a dick!

  • potrostation September 1, 2012

    Buy a lotto ticket ,now.

  • killtacular September 1, 2012


  • biggertalk September 1, 2012

    Getting lucky like a bawss.

  • rockinron September 1, 2012

    holy shit!! makes ya wonder what that tree did to deserve that!!

  • rodeye2 September 1, 2012

    His wife told him to go get her bag in a thunder storm,after she took a million dollar life ins. on him.

  • whiskeysick September 1, 2012

    Would have been better crazyshit material if it hit the old fuck and he exploded just like that tree. Death to old fucks. Fucking oxygen thieves

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