Women And Cars Don't Mix

Leave it to a woman to drive away with the gas nozzle and start a fire. Only women do this. And maybe a drunk guy here and there. Even still, I'd rather have a drunk man behind the wheel than a sober woman.

  • urapnes1701d September 10, 2012

    Come on baby light my fire. Come on baby light my fire. Try to set the pump on, FIIRREEEEE!!!....

  • vulture September 10, 2012

    oh look what i did i'll run round in circles and wait for a man to help me

  • rockinron September 10, 2012


  • marcodufour September 10, 2012

    rockinron change your medication as using the same comment on each is banal.

  • whiskeysick September 10, 2012

    When was i pumping gas?

  • two-hats September 10, 2012

    And these fuckers want equal rights. Get back in the kitchen were you belong bitch.

  • crazyvet September 10, 2012

    I do not see how she got the nozzle into the car in the first place.

  • assclown September 10, 2012

    All women are fucking stupid, how do you think I get laid? I sure as hell don't fuck goats like all muslims. Fuck that must mean stink is a dirty fucking muslim. shit on a stick

  • preferemshaved September 10, 2012

    Well she didn't kill anyone. Better than usual I guess

  • biggertalk September 10, 2012

    What a cunt!

  • cuda1179 September 10, 2012

    My God, did anyone else notice that she left the car in drive when she got out? It wasn't until she got back in that the car's back-up lights flashed signalling she shifted past reverse and into Park.

  • ghosthunter September 10, 2012

    Her husband is going to be pissed!!!

  • mccracken September 10, 2012

    Nicely done...they can be home wreckers and station destroyers!

  • wisconsinjed September 10, 2012

    Hey assclown! I gave you a (+1)! This may be the first time I totally agree with what you "said"(typed).

    Peace!******Aren't they supposed to have a fail safe release?******

  • neospace September 10, 2012

    get back in the kitchen woman

  • dubjunkee September 11, 2012

    women + anything but kitchen, bed and laundry room dont mix well

  • vulture September 11, 2012

    ^^^ the word your looking for is machanical

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