Moped Riding In Thailand Leads To This

Two things you should never do in Thailand are get a blowjob from a chick you haven't checked for a dong yet, and ride a moped. Unless you want to question your sexuality or splatter your brains on the road. Then have at it.

  • vulture September 17, 2012

    they treated her body almost like she was still alive

  • preferemshaved September 17, 2012

    ^^^^ I saw a documentary on the people who's job it is to pick up victims of auto accidents. The treat them with the utmost respect and care. It's part of their religion I believe.

  • frankdrebin September 17, 2012

    thai her back together, she'll be fine.

  • killtacular September 17, 2012

    The moped looks relatively undamaged. I wonder what happened to cause her head to asplode so violently? Maybe her helmet wasn't secured? Pretty sad to see such a pretty lady go to an early grave.

  • theloonman September 17, 2012

    What a shame, looked like a nice scooter

  • rockinron September 17, 2012

    i was starting to think the asians had learned how to ride mopeds! it's been awhile since we last had a good squishy moped video.

  • biggertalk September 17, 2012

    Is that tomato sauce on the pavement?

  • siko666 September 17, 2012

    Looks like God decided to help clean up the mess too.

  • jed1 September 17, 2012

    Those crazy mother fuckers in Thailand should learn how to drive properly..

  • the_aristocrat September 17, 2012

    Rape her corpse while it still smells like noodles.

  • dozer67 September 17, 2012

    Those scooters are so dangerous a helmet dosen't seem to matter..

  • whiskeysick September 17, 2012

    Her helmet sure worked just fine not a scratch on it.

  • potrostation September 17, 2012

    That poor lady boy.

  • txdo_msk September 17, 2012

    Judging by the title, I thought they were talking about the lady boy crying under the umbrella.

  • rockinron September 17, 2012

    hey where is 2indastink? he get his dick stuck in his goat?

  • pizzapie September 17, 2012

    She'll make some great Chinese food.

  • rodeye2 September 18, 2012

    Looks like the helmet would of saved her life if she was wearing it properly.

  • uk-13astard September 18, 2012

    no more boom boom for this bitch

  • ratrod September 18, 2012

    Ive lived in Thailand for nine years now and I see this shit every day. Worst drivers in the world! As a foreigner its not a good idea to take pictures like they do but, I plan on getting a dash cam so I can send in some video for you all.

  • wisconsinjed September 19, 2012

    Yea ratrod the guy looked like a westerner didn't he? I always hate to see family and loved ones witness the aftermath!

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