Genius In A Tree With A Chainsaw

Well that plan wasn't too well thought out, was it? The only smart thing he did was make sure to record it. I was half expecting him to cut a limb off, but I suppose this will suffice. Maybe next time he'll call upon somebody who knows what the fuck he's doing. Hopefully not though.

  • jed1 September 19, 2012

    Well crazyshitters that fucking tree fucked that marauding chain saw man real good, next time you take your fucking chain saw out, have some respect for nature, your fucking god didn't do you any fucking good crossing yourself.

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  • theloonman September 19, 2012


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  • frankdrebin September 19, 2012

    good job Trim Treebow

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  • whiskeysick September 19, 2012

    Texas Chainsaw Noob.

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  •   rockinron September 19, 2012

    if a dumbass trims a tree, and no one's there to see it, is it still funny as hell?.....confusious say fuck yah!!

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  • chimiami September 19, 2012

    I guess the lesson learned here is, if you're cutting a branch off a tree that's positioned closed to the way the branch in the video sits. DO NOT cut it! Find a safer approach, like explosives!!

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  •   corruptedsob September 19, 2012

    At least he didn't cut his dick off.

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  •   nh3kid September 19, 2012

    Famous last words of a red neck? Hey ya'll watch this!

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  • cs1 September 19, 2012

    Sounded like a box of Rice Krispies ...

    Snap,Crackle,.. Pop!

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  • wickedmule September 19, 2012

    At least he got some cool footage, before, during and after!

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  • biggertalk September 19, 2012

    What a fucking genius.

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  •   vulture September 19, 2012

    yes when your on your own allway carry a mobil a case shit happens

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  • marcodufour September 19, 2012

    Imagine what would have happened if this idiot had answered the phone whilst using the chainsaw.

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  • island_mon September 19, 2012

    Obviously he doesn't know anything about the center point of gravity in that weight will always fall or swing to the center, especially if it's tied off only once. A neighbor of mine did that shit and sent the branch like that through his parent's house.

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  • drewchoctaw September 19, 2012

    He is an idiot but took it like a man

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  •   happyjack September 19, 2012

    Gotta give him credit for the follow up video. Normally we don't get to the story's conclusion.

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  • invisus September 19, 2012

    Man card revoked. Dumbass.

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  • number1dnvrfan September 19, 2012

    Sign of the teaspoon, or the sign of the Cross. Should have done the teaspoon, the sign of the Cross didn't help him.

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  • sharkkiller1 September 20, 2012

    as some one who does this as a fulltime job theres a reason we always cut the canopy off of the tree first

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  • celtickhan September 20, 2012

    Never tie something off above you when cutting in a tree, always anchor it below you, and for the record he didnt undercut first! He was way to deep in the cut anyways, he should have taken it above the split then 3 feet under his cut. fucker is lucky his leg was only broken, could have lost his nuts too!

    Always tie off in three spots atleast and secure your anchor points... fucking rookies!

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  • d90girl September 20, 2012

    A limb for a limb !

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