Sidewalk beat-down

Ahhhhhh, mother Russia. The land of the normal everyday side walk beat down. I love how the lady just walks by like nothing is going on. I guess catching an ass-whoopin over there is an everyday thing. Need more everyday ass whoopins over here!

  • preferemshaved September 20, 2012

    Some vodka and all will be good

  • vulture September 20, 2012

    padestrian rage...must have cut somebody up when he walked past

  • biggertalk September 20, 2012

    Seems like everybody gets their ass kicked in Russia.

  • gofkurself September 20, 2012

    ugly bitch.

  • rockinron September 20, 2012

    vodka is actually a low grade pain killer.

  • the_aristocrat September 20, 2012

    Translation \"Season three of the russian Xfactor shooting live here in Moscow. Tune in later to see more invincible russians drinking vodka and our special guest will be comrade Putin.\"

  • jed1 September 20, 2012

    Did you hear that guys foot connecting with yer mans jaw, I bet he wont be doing any talking for a while after that boot to the teeth..

  • frankdrebin September 20, 2012

    ahh the land of violent people with Go-Pros stuck to their heads recording everything

  • whiskeysick September 20, 2012

    Dude got smoked on the last boor to the face thank you mother Russia for another k.o.

  • d90girl September 20, 2012


  • wisconsinjed September 21, 2012

    Meanwhile outside the Russian version of th "General Nutrition Center"!

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