Here, fatty fatty!

Damn that's a giant chunk of man. What they needed was a forklift to get his ass in and out of the pool. Holy fuck is he a fat-ass. I have to admit though, I'm happy with his friend for tipping him over. Winning!

  • rockinron September 23, 2012

    how the fucked that fat tub of shit get in there in the first place?

  • invisus September 23, 2012

    Son of Punchy falling down doesn't quite have the same presence as his dad busting through walls..

  • potrostation September 23, 2012

    Green Peace craned him in the pool.

  • two-hats September 23, 2012

    The pool was three inches deep when he got out.

  • urapnes1701d September 23, 2012

    If your so fat that you can't function even remotely in society, then you need to be terminated and sent to the glue factory.

  • preferemshaved September 23, 2012

    Taking a bath seems like a big ordeal for that guy

  • biggertalk September 23, 2012

    Fat people are hard to kidnap.

  • crackerkiller September 23, 2012

    adam how in the hell you get yo fat ass in the pool in the first place

  • sleeko September 23, 2012

    They must have constructed and filled the pool around his fat ass.

  • the_aristocrat September 23, 2012

    Die filth die

  • neospace September 23, 2012

    Perfect zombie bait

  • d90girl September 23, 2012

    So what if he's least he's funny and has a great sense of humor !!!!!

  • stevenh915 September 23, 2012

    d90, whats funny about a man who can hardly move when he falls down? even his friends dont go to help him, they just stand there and laugh whilst he drags his overweight body three feet from the stairs. . this person cant even stand up by himself ..

  • spaulding September 24, 2012

    Look at Shamoo flop the fuck around. Someone throw a dead fish at him.

  • ghosthunter September 24, 2012

    Beached whale can't even stand up..

  • oblivion344 September 24, 2012

    Poor little stairs

  • number1dnvrfan September 24, 2012

    Hey RockinRon, he climbed the ladder on the outside and then fell into the water. Then they added more water to replace what shot out when he fell in.

    BTW, that looks like a great motel locking the caged stairway. Sure had their money's worth, next time Motel 6 or something.

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