Pancakes anyone?

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Henry M.
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This is one of the great fail moments that we get to witness thanks to technology! Without cameras or the internet I wouldn't be able to laugh as often as I do. This shit went all sorts of wrong!

  • chimiami September 30, 2012

    There's a broken nose, missing front tooth. Insurance companies stock went up just that much more! Thanks guys!!

  • crazyvet September 30, 2012

    Typical Marine basic training.

  • urapnes1701d September 30, 2012

    I want to watch "Black Sheep" now.

  • rockinron September 30, 2012

    the bad news is he lost his front teeth, the good news is , his boyfriend wont have drag marks on his dick anymore!!

  • urapnes1701d September 30, 2012

    ^^ Spoken from a true Military man. They say after all that the military teaches you valuable things..

  • biggertalk September 30, 2012


  • d90girl September 30, 2012


  • tonkpils420 October 1, 2012

    seems gay lets record these 2 dudes in bed oh no he fell on top of the dude

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