Did You Make A Wish?

Hey, let's help this woman out and get her to the hospital, but first let me film her bloody pussy that was just split open like a wishbone. I got some good footage here. All right, I guess we can take her to get some help now.

  • nowtakemyname October 1, 2012

    Wtf! She iS AlivE! o.O

  • tonkpils420 October 1, 2012

    this is what happens when you try fuck a bear they try get a snack half way thru

  • assmasterson October 1, 2012

    Plenty of gashes to choose from.

  • siko666 October 1, 2012

    poor girl..she is beyond suffering im sure.

  • ludenlasivius October 1, 2012

    Story of my life. I show up late and by the time I get there all the good whores are already taken.

  • m1009 October 1, 2012

    Never a good idea to shoot roman candles out of your pussy, especially when you put the damn thing in backwords

  • potrostation October 1, 2012

    The hospital can't be good when the ambulance is the back of a pickup truck.

  • rockinron October 1, 2012

    thats some nasty looking pussy right there!! thank god she has some fine looking leg pussy though!!

  • preferemshaved October 1, 2012

    Is that what vagina looks like to all gay guys?

  • biggertalk October 1, 2012

    Da fuq is dat.

  • hickory October 1, 2012

    She's a dancing machine ( was )

  • spartan22407 October 1, 2012

    No cock will ever satisfy her again...But pulling her leg to the left will.

  • mrbacon October 2, 2012

    ^^^dead or alive, 2indastink would fuck it... where ever he's been

  • d90girl October 4, 2012

    let me die !

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