More Death And Gore In Syria

I think it's been a while since I've posted some good Syrian death and gore videos. I must have forgot about that part of the world and all its savage inhabitants. I see they're up to their same old tricks. Can I get an Allahu Akbar?

  • frankdrebin October 2, 2012

    Assad is putting the fun in funeral for the morticians over there who're making so much money you'd think they were white men

  • theloonman October 2, 2012

    They sure are a violent race

  • hickory October 2, 2012

    They're doing all the work for us, saving us billions .

  • yeayeayea October 2, 2012

    Soon they'll need to import people so they have something to shoot at.

  • killtacular October 2, 2012

    Hey, Someone killed Chuck fucking Norris!

  • stevenh915 October 2, 2012

    its time we had another plague, well when i say we i actually mean them. .

  • sleeko October 2, 2012

    God is Great, alright. Look what he just did for these ass clowns.

  • biggertalk October 2, 2012

    just another day in Syria

  • rockinron October 2, 2012

    i see alans snack bar is back in bussiness and doing well.

  • urapnes1701d October 2, 2012

    Ahmed is a fucking spineless cunt who fucks fags in the ass and reaches around to jack them off. Fuck Islam, fuck the middle east, fuck them all.

  • crazyvet October 2, 2012

    Just typical, everyday happenings in a war zone. The only thing you don't get is the smell. Fresh blood really stinks.

  • nh3kid October 2, 2012

    Islam is such a peaceful relegion aint it?

  • ven0m89 October 2, 2012

    Damn Akubar calm down and film this shit so we can get details fuck

  • whiskeysick October 2, 2012

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the civilians of Syria.

  • angelb October 3, 2012

    im starting to think that allah ackbar means...this one is dead...cause they are always screaming it near dead people ..just saying

  • rodeye2 October 3, 2012

    Not enough fucking blood.

  • tonkpils420 October 3, 2012

    allan snackbar provides all the fresh meat

  • michelle_obama October 4, 2012

    That's how the 2012 are going in that part of the world.

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