you got knocked the fuck out, man!

Man, he got fuckin caught in a big way. How's that foot taste, Motha-fucka?!? Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm BITCH! That kick was on point! It's always awesome and a let down when this shit happens.

  • whbonney October 7, 2012

    That left leg what LIGHTNING. GODDAM that's gonna leave a mark.

  • rockinron October 7, 2012

    you know you've won the fight when your impact makes that distict cracking sound that only comes from someone getting knocked out or bones breaking. either way its a good sound as long as your hearing it and not making it.

  • 2indastink October 7, 2012


  • biggertalk October 7, 2012

    what a puss

  • crazyvet October 7, 2012

    What is really sad is that was the longest fight of his career.

  • the_aristocrat October 7, 2012

    Excuse my ignorance but why was the ref jerking on his legs?

  • stevenh915 October 7, 2012

    its what they do to 2indastink after his goat fucks him into a coma ..

  • dozer67 October 7, 2012

    fastest K O by a foot I have ever seen and so did the looser..

  • tonkpils420 October 7, 2012

    was just suddenly reminded of tommy boy when david spade whacks him in head with 2x4

  • szatan October 9, 2012

    how much is teh girl? :O

  • ghosthunter October 9, 2012

    Sweet chin music.

  • hellk1 October 13, 2012

    i saw that kick coming,he got knocked out thats his fault he shouldnt have dropped his hands to scratch his balls

  • donmac October 20, 2012

    damn!thought the other dude was gonna knock him out,just goes to show ,dont fuck with people you dont know ,especially at bars when drunk

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