Fuuuuuck! Dear!!!!!

All is well for these guys. Enjoying a radical day of downhill long-boarding. Or whatever it's called. Then BAM! Mother-natures like, "have a deer, BITCH!" Then it's a nice lil half-assed tackle, probably some road-rash and maybe a branch or two up the ass. Ain't it grand?

  • uncze9 October 8, 2012

    The attack of Bambi!

  • tgarner October 8, 2012

    True story: A lady in my town called the highway department to have a deer crossing sigh removed bacause to many deer were crossing he road there!

  • frankdrebin October 8, 2012

    you're suppose to go for the jugular and sink your teeth in - better luck next time

  • tgarner October 8, 2012

    Well now we know where the Buck stops!

  • boppalilbit October 8, 2012

    They still say radical?? I thought that died in the early 80's

  • rockinron October 8, 2012

    deer season started on mullholand drive today with the first kill going to "dude" the skatter fag!

  • crazyvet October 8, 2012

    Guess they haven't heard that you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd.

  • biggertalk October 8, 2012

    that's what he gets for being a dudebro

  • siko666 October 8, 2012

    Oh dear !

  • pizzapie October 8, 2012

    Hope the deer is OK

  • csmithh31 October 8, 2012

    theres a dear there maby somebody should move it

  • deadgoon October 9, 2012

    Makes me wanna shit

  • szatan October 9, 2012

    was the dear ok? :(

  • tonkpils420 October 9, 2012

    would been awsome if he tried to ride the deer and then ride it everywhere and be the deer rider... otherwise theres easier ways get deer meat

  • invisus October 9, 2012

    Never knew Californians were so hardcore about deer hunting..

  • angelb October 9, 2012

    his deer friend's was laughing their ass's off when they seen the skaters and double dog dared blitson to run across the road

  • ghosthunter October 9, 2012

    Now Ive seen it all.

  • immanuelkunt October 10, 2012

    "theres a dear there maby somebody should move it " This is what your tax dollars get from public education. Can anybody believe this shimmering, illiterate turd is allowed to vote? What a piece of fuck.

  • jp5er October 20, 2012

    That kind of deer is spelled deer.

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