Purse snatching = ouch!

I love how this dude is screaming like a bitch as he's getting his ass handed to him over snatching a purse. What the fuck is wrong with people? I guess life has to be pretty shitty over there, or people just love pain. One thing I know for certain is that when I head over to countries like that I won't be breaking the law. Do you guys remember when that U.S. kid got caned in Thailand for spray-painting cars? I do and fuck having that happen to me!

  • police666 October 9, 2012

    good old school policing

  • rockinron October 9, 2012

    wtf? is that club made out of cotton or what? the dude shoulda been squirting blood and knocked the fuck out by the 3-4th skull hit.

  • superhotdom October 9, 2012

    Vut da fuk, vut did i doo? somebody gonna get hurt real bad

  • frankdrebin October 9, 2012

    ::whack:: "men don't wear purses, got that!" ::whack::

  • peoplevshoople October 9, 2012

    I think he was getting his ass whooped because they know he can talk plainer than that !!!

  • tgarner October 9, 2012

    That's not much of a beating, get a bigger fucking stick!

  • biggertalk October 9, 2012


  • assmasterson October 9, 2012

    "Respect my authoritah!"

  • the_aristocrat October 9, 2012

    \"My mustache is shittier than yours\" WHACK!

  • tonkpils420 October 9, 2012

    3rd world countries are awsome they just beat the guy without screamin stop resisting, im sure the guy is sayin im not resisting tho

  • d90girl October 9, 2012

    In India....they LOVE to show of if there's a camera.

  • ven0m89 October 10, 2012

    Well I bet he'll think twice about some shit next time

  • slippy October 10, 2012

    "I'm hiding behind a nightstick"

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