Ahhhh, the mother-land!

See this is what my countrymen do when the summertime comes around in Finland. The summers are amazing back in Finland, the winters are pretty brutal. In the summers, we have sex and go fishing. In the winters, we don't fish so much. That's a old saying from the mother-land.

  • crazyvet October 21, 2012

    And was the mother a slut?

  • two-hats October 21, 2012

    I fell out with my Mother years ago, I found out she was cheating on me!

  • potrostation October 21, 2012

    Yea, That mother landed.

  • rockinron October 21, 2012

    if he were on a moped this would have ended in very familiar way for us folks at crazyshit..

  • biggertalk October 21, 2012


  • pizzapie October 21, 2012

    Don't forget, Mature women need cock, just not mine

  • ghosthunter October 21, 2012

    At least it was a stupid jap bike..

  • ven0m89 October 22, 2012

    You spelled superior engineering wrong.

  • mrbigglesworth October 22, 2012

    I hope he got laid for that!

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