What Else Can Go Wrong?

Everything starts out all good and fun, but shit goes south real quick. First a tangled shoot and then his buddy crashing in to it. Time to cut the chute, pull the reserve, and change your undies when you reach the ground.

  • frankdrebin November 1, 2012

    what other hobbies do you have other than shitting your pants?

  • happyjack November 1, 2012

    Jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

  • vulture November 1, 2012

    i could be a good time take up a more sedenetary hobby like riding a moped.....no hold that idea

  • tgarner November 1, 2012

    On the restroom door at the airport it says, "You may want to use this before boarding plane!"

  • marcodufour November 1, 2012

    Very easy solution, either cut away to the secondary chute or start running very fucking quickly....

  • phuket_3ways November 1, 2012

    Can I GET A HOLY COW with that.....

  • biggertalk November 1, 2012


  • ghosthunter November 1, 2012

    There is only 2 things that fall out of the sky.. Bird shit and idiots!!!

  • rockinron November 1, 2012

    if god wanted us to jump outta planes he would created parach......fuck it that was cool as fuck lets do it again!!!!

  • island_mon November 1, 2012

    FUCK THAT ! I don't even like going in those fuckers much less joyfully jumping out of one.

  • corruptedsob November 1, 2012

    Fuck this shit !!! I'm not drunk enough.

  • potrostation November 1, 2012

    Don't try this at home...We're experts!" L"

  • spartan22407 November 2, 2012

    Ouch- Lower jumper ALWAYS has right of way...Damn lucky he a) had a reserve chute and b) had enough altitude to use his reserve...

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