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Adam H.
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This is a pretty bad ass way to hide all your valuables and what not. This guy is clearly ready for Martial Law. I wonder if the cherry wood smell will cover up the skunky smell aerating from the hidden herbs. Also, do they have anything I can hide my dead hookers in?

  • coonboy November 2, 2012

    I bet my wife would hide chocolate in there.

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  • uk-13astard November 2, 2012

    i bet my wife would hide her dildo in there

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  • whiskeysick November 2, 2012

    Pretty sick...but i bet it costs more than any of our peanut gallery asses.

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  • ship November 2, 2012

    i really need one. if i only knew where to get one

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  •   corruptedsob November 2, 2012

    Pretty neat.

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  • hardrickart November 2, 2012

    now the world know where you keep your shit !

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  • morbuis669 November 2, 2012

    Thats where I would hide my illegal porn.

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  •   rockinron November 2, 2012

    i bet whoever invented this, is pissed as hell since this video has gone viral in the last 24 hrs.

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  • atmydismay November 2, 2012

    I would use it for to hide my extensive stamp collection

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  • biggertalk November 2, 2012

    Another doomsday weirdo!

    +6 -3
  • sleeko November 2, 2012

    ^^^ When the shit hit the fan, you'll wish you lived next door.^^^

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  • wickedmule November 2, 2012

    Now that's bad ass!

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  • isnogood November 2, 2012

    You got 3 months, IKEA.

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  • fingers November 2, 2012

    you could put the chick from todays first video in there

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  • boppalilbit November 2, 2012

    I have made many types of these cabinets for some of the rich and famous people that you all know of and this one any of my customers would have me rip off the toe kick because it matches like shit they wont pay $15,000 for that garbage! At least whoever built this used fair quality hardware Butt fuck those stupid magnet locks their undependable after a few years and so 80's and if this is cherry it must be terrible video or home depot quality cherry. If my company made this I would end up having it brought back by my installers because no fucking way would people pay for this garbage there all of you had tips on cabinetry today.

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  •   toesrus November 2, 2012

    Not real handy to get to during a home invasion.

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  • slipdry November 2, 2012

    Breaking news!!! The internet just took a major drop in bandwidth due to all the pedophiles rushing to order one of these!

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  • slipdry November 2, 2012

    That dude is fucked if he ever loses that book

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  • eviscerate November 2, 2012

    a sure fire way to keep your belongings nigger proof.. surround them by books... LOL

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  • ghosthunter November 2, 2012

    SOLD! where do I get one.

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  •   siko666 November 3, 2012

    Protect yourselves or protect porn, its your choice next week. If Obama stays in office guns will be eventually confiscated via Agenda 21....BTW...romney will never be able to do away with free speech but you bet your ass Obama will do away with guns. The plan is you will need a national ID to buy Food or Fuel..but to get the ID you myst give up your guns. Lets see them try it...we are so fucked.

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