A lil head please?

I wonder what's going through his head right about now? I know what went through it. Well, went through the front half of it anyways.

  • urapnes1701d November 10, 2012

    He would make a good appetizer on Allen's Snackbar.

  • m1009 November 10, 2012

    Apparently he hasn't seen footage of what happens to dumb asses who ride scooters, course now he never will

  • biggertalk November 10, 2012

    I want some head.

  • xizang November 10, 2012

    Alan Akbar sure has a lot of peaceful, loving followers, doesn't he?

  • sleeko November 10, 2012

    So, how great is allah, right now?

    Muslims kill'n muslims. It don't get any better, than that.

  • the_aristocrat November 10, 2012

    When someone gets their face blown off you say \"God is great\"? Am I missing something here cause that dont make no sense to me

  • rodeye2 November 10, 2012

    "we don't have obamacare here yet so we're just going to put a bullet in ya,we would of anyway,sweet dreams"

  • mikeawk November 10, 2012

    BBQ party at Mustafa's! Bring your own goat.

  • gruntdogg November 10, 2012

    Take a new meaning to peeling your cap back

  • crazyvet November 10, 2012

    You can shake him all you want, he's a goner.

  • corruptedsob November 10, 2012

    Your gona fuckin die

  • txdo_msk November 10, 2012

    Bullet or scooter, raghead or not, no one deserves this...

    Do him and move on

  • gruntdogg November 11, 2012

    ^^^^^^Do him and move on huh bahahah

  • frankdrebin November 11, 2012

    not sure if this dude is dead or not. it's hard to tell b/c you don't really need a brain if you're from over there

  • rockinron November 11, 2012

    looks like he's gonna be the new dipping sauce they been talking about at alans snackbar

  • sleeko November 12, 2012

    ^^^ That's good^^^

  • ghosthunter November 12, 2012

    Allah has given up on you ass holes.

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