Running Start Sucker Punch

Wow, what a fucking scumbag! I wonder if he knew the chick or just punched some random woman walking down the sidewalk. Either way, he should get anally raped by a horse.

  • frankdrebin November 21, 2012

    must be going through GTA withdrawal since hurricane sandy killed the power

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  • marcodufour November 21, 2012

    See what happens when you order a hit ? fucking ammateurs.....

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  • t0mmy November 21, 2012

    she just got falcon punched

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  • hatersgonahate November 21, 2012

    A CCTV camera caught a man knocking out a 16 year old girl with a blow to the head outside the Black Lion Pub in the Plaistow neighborhood of Newham in East London. The girl was treated for bruising to her head and cuts to her face and was later released from hospital. Police are looking for a black man with a muscular build and shaved head, approximately 6ft tall and between the ages of 25-30.

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  • marcodufour November 21, 2012

    hater cunt Even if that was true you have just gone outside the judiciary you dumb cunt!

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  • m1009 November 21, 2012

    One of these days Alice, One of these days, POW right in the Kisser

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  • hatersgonahate November 21, 2012

    See my names perfect. your dad hates you, and raped you as a small boy. so now you're mad at everything else...HatersGonnaHate

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  • rockinron November 21, 2012

    wow i am truly amazed!! he did it by himself and he didnt steal her purse or scream in her face "you got knocked da fuck out!"

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  • gofkurself November 21, 2012

    niggers... dont surprise me a bit.

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  • gruntdogg November 21, 2012

    I think tthat was a dude

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  • crazyvet November 21, 2012

    He was probably scared to fight her face to face. Most 16 year old girls will whip the shit out of a muscular nigger.

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  • biggertalk November 21, 2012

    Bitch got knocked out cold...

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  • playhard24 November 21, 2012

    If she only walked by a KFC in time this would've never happened.

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  • decay November 21, 2012

    next time i say i i want swiss on my fuckin sandwitch u best get ur ass to the store

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  • big_jeffrey72 November 21, 2012

    That's a mean left hook.....Has Tyson been hanging in London lately?

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  • pizzapie November 21, 2012

    I hope they find that monkey

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  • killtacular November 21, 2012

    Oh, look, Another Nigger. Watch him get suckerpunched in the ass when they send his ass to jail for assault and battery.

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  • madcat November 21, 2012

    GRERRRRRRRRRRRRR let me at him ile rip him a new arse, do this that and the other,hope she`s ok poor girl whot the fuck did she really do ??? Or not do diddent suck his cock .O well that dirty bitch of a girl left him frustrated she got whot she deserved some head.

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  • rebelcrusader November 22, 2012


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  • tonkpils420 November 22, 2012

    if she had a kid and was tellin him it was his he would of ran other way

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  • yobones November 22, 2012

    gotta respect his form though, watch him as he runs up, he changes up his step, to really get the most out of his swing, and in one motion he knocks her the fuck out, turns, and makes a run for it the other direction. He doesn't take anything from her, makes ya wonder. He's too good at this to be a one time random thing. I think he just likes assaulting bitches, that remind him of his Mom.

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  • shitbox November 22, 2012

    Dude i hope he gets what he deserves i hope they catch him put him in jail and show all the inmates this video what a piece of shit

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  • rodeye2 November 23, 2012

    What's she doing out of the kitchen ?

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  • ghosthunter November 23, 2012

    Niggas in England.. Who Knew..

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  • touchgutz November 26, 2012

    Somethings wrong with that nigger he didn't steal her purse for a hit of crack

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  • weast November 26, 2012

    some one shoot that pussy

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