He Almost Had It

I like his style. Don't move around the car, move over it. Or at least try. It was a good effort, and I think with a few more tries he could have it down. Hopefully the driver is up for a couple more practice runs.

  • tgarner November 23, 2012

    I can't wait till he starts trying this with trucks, on the highway!

  • potrostation November 23, 2012

    Try it with a cop car!

  • biggertalk November 23, 2012


  • pizzapie November 23, 2012

    He should put the training wheels back on

  • madcat November 23, 2012

    When two wheels meet four theres only one outcome,split skull.

  • rockinron November 23, 2012

    if he were russian he woulda jerked the driver out and smacked the dog shit outta him!!

  • dazzza November 23, 2012

    In Russia the scammers.... you know the rest...

  • immanuelkunt November 23, 2012

    If only the fucking shitass had landed in the dumpster, after knocking his goddamn head off on the edge.

  • killtacular November 24, 2012

    he forgot to double-tap his jump button.

  • gruntdogg November 24, 2012

    He would off had it but that driver stoped to fast for him

  • cruiserman May 12, 2016

    To much Smirnoff, Boris.

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