Angry asian!

This dude is pissed! He's Asian and has to deal with his Asian kids. Fuck, life is cruel huh? To add insult to injury we've got some cunt thinking she's some kind of reporter, getting all up in his business. Well, needles to say, she gets mooshed.

  • supercow November 24, 2012

    Someone needs a slap.

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  • killtacular November 24, 2012

    and I'm sure somebody cleaned that Asian's clock good when they found out he just took a swing at his own kid.

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  • rockinron November 24, 2012

    how about a nice game of slap the jap? someone needs his ass beat.

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  • ghosthunter November 24, 2012

    Gooks gone wild.

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  • gruntdogg November 24, 2012

    Why they should all be in cages

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  • crazyvet November 24, 2012

    Wherever this fucker is, deport his ass back to the shit jungle rice paddy where he came from.

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  • frankdrebin November 24, 2012

    oh, you mean charlie here doesn't have a sense of humor... fucking shocking

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  • potrostation November 24, 2012

    He already pissed over his small penis...

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  • 2indastink November 24, 2012

    Wish Hacienda was around - was a little too young in growing in the 1990s - this was the life and the music just went in hand in hand with the xr3is and the rs turbos. What's life all about now? Facebook, Twitter, the recession, political correctness - loss of real love for live and culture - something Manchester prided themselves upon and I say this as somebody from a totally different region altogether!

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  • ispewmalarkey November 24, 2012

    Lets make fun of the guy who is at the very least, trying to control an out of control child so maybe, just maybe, the little fuck wont grow up with the entitlement issues that plague American youth these days.

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  • biggertalk November 24, 2012

    that's right, slap that mouthy bitch. Who da fuq does she think she is...................................

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  • longchiii November 24, 2012

    i think da bitch deserves it

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  • bubbacrow November 24, 2012

    slapped her so hard her pussy slit went vertical,

    extra points for the camera spinning out at end!

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  • d90girl November 24, 2012

    I would shove that camera down his fucking slit eye, shit eating throat! How is THAT for a FORTUNE COOKIE!

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  • madcat November 25, 2012

    Madcat says terminate them there all fucking nut jobs on drugs fuck em, mow em all down kids as well ,better be sure thay arent infected,or were gone to KILLEM ALL KILLEM ALL KILL EM ALL .

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  • rockinron November 25, 2012

    jdilly i minused ya bra

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  • madhound77 November 26, 2012

    don't go pissing off someone that just said i'll kill you

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