If guys were girls...

...and girls were guys. This isn't that crazy. But this shit is funny as all hell! This shit is the truth for the most part. Especially of fat girls. I see them all the time at the gym on the thigh abductor or adductor machines talking on the phone working out. If they put half the effort they put into eating seasoned-fries with mayonnaise they'd be the next Mrs. Universe!

  • 2indastink December 1, 2012


    After heavy rain the water cannot get out quickly enough due to the restricted outlet engineered by the Forestry Commission. Therefore be careful if rain is expected and you are fishing overnight.

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  • eat3beans December 1, 2012

    Thats pretty accurate

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  •   rockinron December 1, 2012

    i see the guys at crazyshit did a video session while they workout this morning.

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  • spaulding December 1, 2012

    Every time I walk into the bathroom, and the toilet seat is down, I bitch at my old lady and say "Why did you leave the seat down? I'm almost pissed all over it!"

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  • madcat December 1, 2012

    Wonder if any one ever died in that gym,if so it wouldent be through an over work out.

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  •   crazyvet December 1, 2012

    Bitches pay my house payment and I would trade places.

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  • biggertalk December 1, 2012

    So if they were faggots basically?

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  • number1dnvrfan December 1, 2012

    Damn, why would anyone sit on a toilet that they hadn't LOOKED at first? And then scream at others or berate them for leaving the seat up? Logically, I'd think that they'd be happy the ring was up and not peed upon.

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  • immanuelkunt December 1, 2012

    Where did you Miami pukes get this shit? Oprah?

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  •   potrostation December 1, 2012

    Population growth would stop in 9 months.

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  • qz-sue December 1, 2012

    It would be a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.

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  • gruntdogg December 2, 2012

    This site is getting more gay then a gay porn site

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  • rodeye2 December 2, 2012

    Hmmmmmm,the woman being the agressor,fine with me...get over here woman and fuck my cock.

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  • d90girl December 3, 2012

    ^^ I'm very aggressive...and I would snap that little "cock" of yours like a twig !! BITCH

    +1 -1
  • rodeye2 December 3, 2012

    Mmmmmmmmmm,that sounds good but you should prepare yourself for some anal reaming,although you sound like you're more into gangbangs and double fisting...BITCH.

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