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Here we have a fine example of house clearing. Or hut clearing, whatever, it's some good shit! Charge forward into battle my friends! Kill those fuckin fuckers! Just the ones with weapons of course.

  • marcodufour December 2, 2012

    Typical Americans no fucking clue

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  • sleeko December 2, 2012

    ^^^Fuck You^^^

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  • deephate December 2, 2012

    Yes Marcodufour, I'm sure they were playing chess and we came in shooting and fucked up their checkmate, right?

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  • first1shit December 2, 2012

    is this the new call of duty

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  • marcodufour December 2, 2012

    ok to educate y`all i fought with the Americans 20 plus years ago but they do have a skill at shooting first and asking questions later! if we had done that there had no need for the I.R.A. money to flood into their coffers in New York, Boston et al right ?

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  •   crazyvet December 2, 2012

    I agree with sleeko ^^Fuck you^^. I don't know who you think you fought with, but you didn't fight in the current war, and if you aint been there, shut the fuck up. The war I fought in was nothing like the war now. I do know this, in a war zone, if you don't shoot first, you die first.

    +17 -5
  • marcodufour December 2, 2012

    You need to read what i said, i still have nightmares, wish i did what i shouldn`t have and vise versa, still struggle day by day and yes you ysnks who i was based with have a problem, oh fuck it i will not bother why is history so bad ? and crazyvet get your ass in the forums, hell i will even personally pay for you to be there as i respect you, a mixed Brit as i am will never get the balls we deserve as you yanks seem to think you won all the wars despite the Russians !

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  • whiskeysick December 2, 2012

    Hmm interesting. Shits real though. Been there. Done that. Relive it everyday and night.

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  •   rockinron December 2, 2012

    we are brothers in that way whiskey sick, respect to you and crazyvet my brothers.ohrah

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  • shitbox December 2, 2012

    Fuck that country i was in marjah 2010 there aint a lot of good in most of those people

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  • biggertalk December 2, 2012

    I was raised like a Muslim

    prayin' to the East

    +0 -11
  • shitbox December 2, 2012

    Theres nothin wrong with a little recon by fire when entering a house especially one thats hostile those motercycles are a good sign of hostiles cause they would always use those to egress

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  • spartan22407 December 2, 2012

    He who wins the wars writes the history books. Regardless of whether or not these men were in the right or wrong for firing when they did, a couple of things to consider: This was a joint assignment between American and Iraqi Nationals, they were following a commander's intent with a list set of objectives, this mud hut was in the way of their objectives, it would appear they were financed to a degree to have motorcycles, the enemy has been known to drive individuals to our minimum risk routes to place IEDs on the side of the road, so with that a level potential hostility was evident. When they went through the door, those Iraqis knew they are in a land that is occupied with Foreign Nationals (ie: Americans) and the distinct possibility that they would be intercepted by Americans better than average. When this actually occurred, those Iraqis could have just laid down and allow the Americans to complete their mission and be on their way. What you fail to recognize is that they did NOT just fire with guns blazing. They came in, they assessed and when they saw that one perpetrator take off there is no telling from the video and we were not there but we don't know if he was going for his weapon or going to detonate an explosive. The American followed his ROE and engaged a potential threat. Just so you also know, all shootings are assessed to determine if it was a lawful engagement or if there was a criminal act. If there was a criminal act, Army CID would arrive on the scene and collect evidence and the shooter would be taken into custody...Commanders do this to cover their own ass or they lose their job too. This dude did the right thing- he lives for another day.

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  • the_aristocrat December 2, 2012

    The reason the towel heads didn't understand \"get down\" is because he should have said \"Get down to Alan's Snackbar for some low, low prices!\"

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  •   dozer67 December 2, 2012

    waaa waaaa waaaa it's war!! no winners no losers just a waste of people and resorces..

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  •   ouch December 2, 2012

    Pull all the troops out Drop a fucking nuke on these people and call it an upgrade.

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  • honkie365 December 2, 2012

    That will be the US in another 4 years.

    +2 -4
  • gunz December 2, 2012

    marcodufour- you are a pussy. stay the hell out of war. we don't need you. your stupid ass will be the first one to get killed anyways.. sounds like you have no fuckin clue

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  • clitoris December 2, 2012

    Murder, Pillage now where's the rape.

    I like rape.

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  • drtyrell December 2, 2012

    I love the way an entire race is guilty. Pray there is no God.

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  • doc_ock December 2, 2012

    when bombs go off everyone dies.

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  • d90girl December 2, 2012

    RESPECT !!

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  • rodeye2 December 3, 2012

    Fuck the shoes,dibbs on the bike.

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  • madcat December 3, 2012


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  • buttplugger December 3, 2012

    Biggertalk was raised like a fucking retard because the only language his parents spoke in were grunts and growls.

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  • sleeko December 3, 2012

    Never wait for them to fire, first.... NEVER!

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  • tonkpils420 December 3, 2012

    flashbang out

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  • jed1 December 3, 2012

    For its here I am an Orangeman, just come across the sea For singing and for dancing, I hope that I'll please thee, I can sing or dance with any man As I did in days of yore And its on the Twelfth I long to wear the Sash my Father wore.


    It is old but it is beautiful. Its colours they are fine It was worn at Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen and the Boyne My Father wore it as a youth in the bygone days of yore And its on the Twelfth I long to wear, the Sash my Father wore.

    For it's now I'm going to leave you, good luck to you I'll say And when I'm on the ocean deep, I hope for me you'll pray I'm going to my native land, to a place they call Dromore Where on the Twelfth I long to wear the Sash my Father wore.


    Whenever I come back again my brethren here to see I hope to find old Orange style, they will always welcome me My favourite tune's "Boyne Water", but to please me more and more And make my Orange heart full glad with the Sash my Father wore.




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  • clitoris December 4, 2012

    ^can someone let me know what this fool typed, I stopped reading after I spotted the second word was spelled wrong?

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  • marcodufour December 7, 2012

    crazyvet Colombia 1984, Afghanistan 1988, Kuwait 1990, Gulf 1991, Ireland 1992 ( various posting and last )

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