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posted by Henry M. on 12/8/2012

Finally A Useful Cop!

I wish more cops would do this down in South Florida. I swear, the worst fucking drivers in the world congregate down here. Between the fuckin idiots that can't fuckin read and the good ole fashion retards that think they own the roads. It's pretty frustrating, I reckon I might install a cow-catcher on my truck and just plow through traffic.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
let the road - hog - through
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 12:48 AM

+1 for the cop.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 12:51 AM

So old, but still funny.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 1:00 AM

da popo did wut
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 2:51 AM

Sorry Henry.M, the worst driver’s in the world are in my home town in North Queensland, it’s obvious the problem is world wide, and now with all these fucking women texting and men taking on phones while driving it just makes for a fucked world to drive in. I want 1995 back, any time before the internet and mobile technology will do me, fuck this bullshit has to stop before it kills us all, how the fuck is it possible to have 1500 Friends when the so called friend who is supposed to meet up with you at 7am in the morning can’t even show, fuck you all to the pits of stupidity, the only fucking message worth dying over while driving is one from the fucking LOTTO agency telling you you’ve just won a Million dollars, otherwise you are just a fucking dickhead.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 6:41 AM

yeah heard of those sheepdog pigs
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 8:16 AM

Yea, thats very strange to see. Thats a good cop. The other 95% of them should be eradicated.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 8:59 AM

move bitch, get out the way
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 10:18 AM

Got to call you out on this old ass repost Henry. Slacker!
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 10:25 AM

Yet another Fucking Re-Post by yours truly..... Dick Sucking Re-Post Henry..... FUCK YOU HENRY! next time you are out at the range... Shoot yourself in the head.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 12:07 PM

GOOD COP...you got to be jokin...he was way to close if the guy in front braked shit and death would have been on the vid...cop always think they got super human reactions
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 12:11 PM

Ok that was pretty good. Seen the one where the doctor punks his patient and tell him he has cancer. Fucking hilarious
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 12:18 PM

Herd the stupid.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 1:33 PM

Ye great vid whot happened.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 2:57 PM

Wow finally a cop does his job...
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 5:26 PM

Road Rage Police style..
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 6:05 PM

We need special cops just for that in California and call them asian patrol.
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 8:50 PM

Keep right , pass left ...... Is it really that hard ???
posted on: 12-08-12 @ 9:41 PM

^^^ Fucking die.
posted on: 12-09-12 @ 11:59 AM

slowly of lepracy
posted on: 12-09-12 @ 12:15 PM

Why does ham always taste better at christmas time? Why does chocolate always taste better at Easter time? Why does sex always feel better after an argument? Why are parties always more fun at someone else’s place? Why is it cruising in old cars without air-conditioning actually feels cooler? Why is it the harder you work the less you get paid? Why do ugly men get good looking girls? Why do good looking girls wear so much makeup? Why do biker’s ride in groups, are they frightened?
posted on: 12-09-12 @ 12:43 PM

Dial 911 and make a Cop Come ! I do that every night ...hmmm
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 12:12 AM

every comment biggertalk makes is fucking lame....not just cuz hes a nigger either
posted on: 12-10-12 @ 8:17 PM

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