BMX Slam Session

Riding BMX bikes and doing all kinds of tricks sure is fun. Right up until the point her face slams into the pavement. That part pretty much sucks balls. But only for the guy on the bike, not for us.

  • preferemshaved December 18, 2012

    Pavement wins every time.

  • crazyvet December 18, 2012

    Future soccer players.

  • shitbox December 18, 2012

    Been riding for years it aint fun unless u do shit where u know its gonna hurt if u fuck somethin up then u do it till u get it thats what i love about that sport

  • biggertalk December 18, 2012


  • biggertalk December 18, 2012

    fucking football haters are, that is

  • ghosthunter December 18, 2012

    I am ok. My face broke my fall..

  • rockinron December 18, 2012

    hey dumb fuck you dive into the pool not outta the pool! oh and water in the pool makes it funner

  • the_aristocrat December 18, 2012

    If you really want something rammed into your face just step on back to my garden shed.

  • mikeawk December 18, 2012

    Good thing doctors don't practice medicine like these guys practice bike stunts.

  • madcat December 18, 2012

    The first lad used to be such a good looking lad , now his own mum dont recognise him.

  • dozer67 December 19, 2012

    The second seen the dude on the moutain bick got triped the man that fell down..

  • zekesterness December 21, 2012

    faceplants on concrete are a bitch

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