You Guys Might Want To Stop That Bleeding

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Adam H.
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I realize they're still living in the stone age over there, and don't use much rational thinking, but I'll try my best to help them out. You guys see that red fluid squirting out of his neck? That's called blood. It carries oxygen throughout your body, and if you lose too much of it, you'll die. You're going to want to try to stop that blood from spraying. You can use a piece of cloth and apply pressure where it's squirting from. Or you can let him bleed out and go to his virgins.

  •   rockinron December 20, 2012

    for fucks sake!! have you lost your mind adam? thats not how you help them, this is. first you widen the hole as much as possible, then you try to excite the guy ,keep his arms and legs moving constantly! you need to keep his blood preasure up as high as possib;e. but most importantly do not apply preasure and continue to widen the hole and keep it clear of clots so the blood flows freely.damn adam what the fuck were you thinking.

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  • potroast666 December 20, 2012

    I agree with rockinron on this one, and I never agree with that shithead.

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  • spaulding December 20, 2012

    Translation "Chad, CHAD, you can't die you motherfucker! You owe me ten bucks you cheap bastard!"

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  • preferemshaved December 20, 2012

    When the blood stopped squirting was a bad sign.

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  •   crazyvet December 20, 2012

    At one point I heard them say, does anyone have a kleenex?

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  • cyi3eri3ully December 20, 2012

    He said dont get blood on my iphone fucker, Im trying to record this shit and if it gets wet it voids the warranty!

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  • biggertalk December 20, 2012

    so errbody's a fuckin surgeon now!?

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  • frankdrebin December 20, 2012

    never had to take a shit that bad

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  • tnblkbear December 20, 2012

    He'll be fine. Just sprinkle some crack on him.

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  • spartan22407 December 20, 2012

    Fuck stick your finger in that hole for fuck's sake...Two if necessary!

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  • honkie365 December 21, 2012

    The blood will stop all on it's own in a few minutes.

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  • zekesterness December 21, 2012

    Can you say: 'Apply Pressure', sure, sure you can...

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  • balkansbest December 21, 2012

    You white hunks of Shit. Allah uekber you mother fuckers. Easy talking Shit about a religion when ur sitting behind ur laptop/pc huh ? Ull never kno what a struggle is. Or what seeing your loved ones die. Fucking rot in hell. Go back to your 8-5 and keep your fucking mouth shut. Go to Europe or Asia. Even AustraliA. Nobody likes you pricks. Explains why all you stay in the us.. keeping your pussies covers... Don'thate the Quran cause of a few fucked up Arabs. Ohh guess what. Jesus is a fag. Took ot up his fine ass by the Greeks many times. Why else would they hang him on a cross. Tooo sore to walk ? You little Bitch..

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  • clitoris December 21, 2012

    ^the kuran is shit, you are shit, your god is fake, you are fake, the only real god is me, and I have you I.P address, I am now coming to your house to cut off your head, but first I will make you drink pig blood and eat pork, then I will have a jew read from a bible to you, and if you are lucky I will only cut off one of your lips and shove it in your ear, anyone who argues religion is already fucked in the head, no hope for any of you, why don't you put down your weapons, weapons which you don't have the intelligent to build yourself because you refuse to allow your people to learn science, the only thing you kuran dickheads can do is mix ANFO and detonate it with a bullet, the diesel comes from Kuwait, the nitrogen from China, the bullet from Russia, all friends of yours, the United States has nothing to do with your pathetic lifestyle, you are your own enemy, simply because you believe in something which doesn't and has never existed, a god, fuck you and fuck your gods, I am right and you are stupid

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  • crazyasshole December 21, 2012

    put that arab fuck in a hot tub of water and let him bleed out! fuck those people! p.s their blood tastes delicious! sandy and coarse yet tasty! mmmmmm

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  • ghosthunter December 21, 2012

    Allah is done with you rag heads.

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