Back Up, She's Gonna Blow

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Adam H.
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The only time you 'll ever see Russians more excited than this is if two vodka trucks crashed into each other and full bottles were rolling around all over the street. Just imagine all the amazing videos we'd get as a result of that.

  • clitoris December 25, 2012

    Who's going to blow? I got my dick out for nothing

  • crazyvet December 25, 2012

    So, is this how the Russians get rid of broke down cars on their streets?

  • rockinron December 25, 2012

    that was the bottle of grey goose in the glove box. the fuel tank is next.

  • potrostation December 25, 2012

    Russian "what's eating gilbert grape"

  • preferemshaved December 25, 2012

    That wasn't the gas tank that blew it was the vodka stash.

  • biggertalk December 25, 2012

    back that thang up

  • frankdrebin December 25, 2012

    gotta watch your step, everyone knows there's live mines still laying around from the cold war

  • potrostation December 26, 2012

    Does any one else think rockinron is logging on as 10 other people and - all the rest of us?

  • playhard24 December 26, 2012

    Lol something really fishy is going on with the voting. I'm declaring shenanigans!

  • shitbox December 26, 2012

    it does smell reel funny

  • madcat December 26, 2012

    Holly fucking vodka that went down well.

  • cyi3eri3ully December 26, 2012

    @potrostation... Its both of them and they are trying to make it look like only one of them is doing it

  • regitregit December 26, 2012

    ^Hey Detective Dip Shit...WRONG

  • playhard24 December 26, 2012

    Haha whoever went through all that trouble to do the extra voting did a great job...this shit is comedy. Now pull the cock out your mouth so I can hear you speak.

  • rockinron December 26, 2012

    tell ya what gang i only have 1 user name and one avatar, and i would like invite anyone to ask jay ,adam or henry to confirm it!! which they can.

  • sleeko December 27, 2012

    And not one single claim for Allan's Snackbar.

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