Fire fighting one-oh-what the fuck?

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Henry M.
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This is a way to fight fires and have fun. Come to think of it...all my fire-fighter buddies have fun fighting fired. So this is another way of fire-fighting fun. Yay!

  • manboyrat December 29, 2012

    Dead link, or do I need to pay my internet account?

  • pizzapie December 29, 2012

    Too bad all fires are not near this guy

  • uk-13astard December 29, 2012


  • happyjack December 29, 2012

    Good to know this guy is around in case your boat catches fire, you safely make it to shore, your boat is secure and won't catch anything else on fire, and your boat is already totaled. Yeah he really saved the day.

  • rockinron December 29, 2012

    why put the fire out? it's not like it was gonna set the lake on fire.

  • manboyrat December 29, 2012

    very awesome also

  • clitoris December 29, 2012

    Why put a house fire out, not like it's going to set the dirt on fire, DUUUUHHHH DRIBBBBBLLEEEE????

  • wildkiwi December 29, 2012

    you fuking morons if ya let it burn the alloy hull we eventually be useless this one will be used again.good new zealand ingenuity

  • tgarner December 29, 2012

    That worked so damn good my cigarette even went out!

  • rareranking December 29, 2012

    Totally BADASS!

  • rodeye2 December 29, 2012

    That's what ya get when ya fire up the ol'crack pipe on a rocking boat.

  • frankdrebin December 29, 2012

    "stop dick, i'm trying to get money from insurance"

  • crazyvet December 29, 2012

    That guy in the boat had his shit together.

  • biggertalk December 29, 2012


  • the_aristocrat December 30, 2012

    This is what mainstream media fails to tell us. That most people are good people, filled with common sense. One's that will help out if they can. +1 to the boat driver

  • crazyshitboy December 30, 2012

    How Ironic

  • scottiebear69 December 30, 2012

    Cool as FUCK. I have to say being this is Crazy Shit I was waiting to see if he either...

    A. hit the boat in one of his passes.

    B. Hit a big fucking rock as he flew by shore.

    C. Other boat explode as he was going beside it.

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