Can you quack?

Can you quack like a duck when you suck? Can you take? Can you take every inch in your butt? I gotta say, the lyrical content here is pretty amazing. The outfit, on the other absolutely amazing. How about the fondling-biker? GAY!

  • manboyrat December 29, 2012

    LSD is a wonderful drug

    +14 -1
  •   pizzapie December 29, 2012

    Fuckin Australians

    +5 -8
  • clitoris December 29, 2012

    ^You aren't too bright are you, he's a yank, he sounds like a yank, he wears a yank flag and he lets poofta bikie's touch his dick, definately a yank

    +8 -14
  • massiveballs December 29, 2012

    Duck face to Fuck face

    +6 -1
  •   rockinron December 29, 2012

    you filmed this personally at one of your regular hangouts, didnt you henry!

    +3 -6
  • gofkurself December 29, 2012

    i dont get it...

    +2 -2
  • rareranking December 29, 2012

    DAM! that one even made me feel sorry for white people!

    +5 -3
  •   potrostation December 29, 2012

    Deliverance became a band?

    +8 -1
  •   pizzapie December 29, 2012

    Clit, It was a joke you dumbass australian fag

    +4 -3
  • bigtalk December 29, 2012

    doesnt matter where its at when crackers get in a big group they either become target practice for a mass shooting or start acting gay FACT

    +1 -6
  • madcat December 29, 2012

    Can I quack like a duck you bet lets see,PWARK !! PWARK !! PWARKKKKKKKK !! er no.

    +2 -5
  •   dozer67 December 29, 2012

    OH good gawd this is the most unentertaining, unfunny and disturbing shit music I have ever seen. I'm shamed to say I'm white.

    +4 -3
  •   crazyvet December 29, 2012

    I knew John Lennon was still alive.

    +4 -3
  • frankdrebin December 29, 2012

    what he sees in his head: epic rob zombie set

    +5 -1
  • biggertalk December 29, 2012

    OK that's enough embarrassing white folks for a day, starting to feel bad for 'em. Clitoris don't let them get to you we know they all wish they were Aussies.

    +3 -9
  • wisconsinjed December 29, 2012

    Many of you may not believe this but this doesn't turn me on at all. Nope not one bit. Not even a wiggle.

    +3 -3
  • shitbox December 29, 2012

    I got this song stuck in my head now

    +0 -2
  • gunz December 29, 2012

    clitoris seems to be a bit offended.. hmm... LMAO

    +4 -3
  • ghosthunter December 29, 2012

    Where is Elmer Fudd with his trusty shotgun when you need him.

    +2 -1
  • madcat December 29, 2012

    No 2 above CAT are you ok ,your noy looking to good ,tell me who done it ile eat him alive for you poor poor cat ^^^^^^^^^^ You`l be ok cat matey.

    +0 -6
  • clitoris December 29, 2012

    actually very much not offended, I live in a country where breaking the law is fashionable for everyone from the age of born to dead, we call these type of people in the video BOGANS (real australian's are identical to these wanker's)

    I fucking hate Australian's, I'm born and bred in North Queensland, I'm not one of those red headed irish immigrant thieving dirty looking toothless inbred alcohol guzling Austalian fuck head's, I'm a WOG, we have our own little war going over here, we've been trying to divide the north from the south for the last forty years.

    +3 -9
  • showmeurtits December 30, 2012

    Somebody shoot this faggot ass cocksucker. 2 reasons 1. he desecrates the Great State Of Texas & 2. He sucks ass at singing.

    And that was not a biker it was just some pole smoker who saw an opportunity to fondle another butt pirates junk!

    +3 -2
  • clitoris December 30, 2012

    ^That's correct it was not a biker, it's a bikie, I'm a biker, I ride and love all bikes, I ride alone, but bikie's are weird girly boys who need to ride in groups and form gangs because on their own they are pathetic little germs, most of them cry when threatened, just middle school bullies making a fashion statement, most bikie's only ride harley davidsons, true fuck heads, a real biker rides anything with two wheels

    +2 -8
  • buttplugger December 30, 2012

    Haha. Can you fart on my balls when we fuck? Genius.

    +0 -2
  • phuket_3ways December 30, 2012

    I would like to see him on American Idle......

    +2 -2
  • crazyshitboy December 30, 2012

    Jesus Christ two thousand and a bit years later

    +4 -2
  • madcat December 30, 2012

    Looks like he needs a quack and a rubber duck to fuck.

    +0 -5
  • scottiebear69 December 30, 2012

    Damn that Clitoris and his gay ass partys...

    +3 -1
  • potroast666 December 31, 2012

    Clit should go back to Outback Steakhouse. Aussie faggot.

    +1 -0
  • bobbabooey February 12, 2015

    @Clitoris you're such a pussy

    +0 -0
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