And They Let Her Drive

Yet another reason they never should have let women drive. How can it possibly take this chick 3 minutes to back up out of her parking spot that would take anyone else 5 seconds? The dumbass bitch has 4 ft on either side of her car. I sure hope she can cook and clean better than she can drive.

  • rockinron January 3, 2013

    later she will tell her hubby how it took incredible skills to get out of her parking place because she was completely blocked in.

    i bet it took her 3 days to give birth to her kid!

  • spinal12 January 3, 2013

    I had to jack off watching that.

  • biggertalk January 3, 2013

    I've said it a million times who the hell let women drive? They shouldn't even be allowed to vote!

  • crazyvet January 3, 2013

    Sure hope she doesn't fly planes for a living.

  • preferemshaved January 3, 2013

    That's what you get for buying your wife an SUV.

  • shitbox January 3, 2013

    The only person in the world dumber than her is the person who gave her a liscense

  • wisconsinjed January 3, 2013

    ^^^.....and the person that spells license in the above way.^^^ Ahhhh, I'm just giving you a little shit for your box! No telling how many times I have done the exact same thing my man! Peace!

  • the_aristocrat January 3, 2013

    Funny looking kitchen.

  • cyi3eri3ully January 3, 2013


  • frankdrebin January 3, 2013

    wonderful, she's finally on her way to bitch out her kids' teachers for her kids being fuck ups.

  • fingers January 3, 2013

    typical blond slow in reverse but I bet shes fast once its in park

  • jdgoma January 3, 2013

    Women suck at driving cause they can't get use to the front seat

  • pizzapie January 3, 2013

    At least she didn't wipe out two cars

  • spaulding January 3, 2013

    That's why she had fun, fun, fun, until daddy took the T bird away.

  • madcat January 3, 2013

    Great driveing for a blinde woman.

  • azzholee January 4, 2013

    she is annoying

  • shitbox January 4, 2013

    Fuckit drunk as. Fuc k bet shes a dumb ht blode who i would just luve to humiliate

  • u-235 January 4, 2013

    By the time she drives down the road and notices everything being bumpy, It's because she wore fucking flat spots on her front tires!

  • jesse69 January 4, 2013

    Holy shit! I was impatient just watching that.

  • rburgz January 4, 2013

    Better safe then sorry

  • d90girl January 5, 2013

    I have to agree.....someone needs to start taking public transportation for ALL of our sake!!

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