The Slug Fest Is Going On

Isn't it great to watch people get punched in the face and knocked the fuck out? Here are a few confrontations that went to fisticuffs and left some sore faces. I think everyone should drink more.

  • biggertalk January 4, 2013

    Lol @ the white boy slipping and sliding in the last "fight".

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  • the_aristocrat January 4, 2013

    They need to make a glory hole and just get it over and done with.

    +1 -1
  • frankdrebin January 4, 2013

    suck fest

    +1 -0
  •   happyjack January 4, 2013

    Freddie Mercury is alive. But if he keeps fucking around with guys in the bathroom, he's gonna die of the same thing again.

    +3 -0
  • saywhen January 5, 2013

    where else would you fight a shit fight? just saying...

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  •   rockinron January 5, 2013

    did ya notice the nigger stopped beating the dude on the ground. thats because he didnt have 10 more niggers to impress and show his herd domanance too.

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  • wisconsinjed January 5, 2013

    Oh c'mon ron! If that dude in the black shirt would have taken his shoes off he would have whooped the guy in the whites ass. Way it looked to me anyway. Both had a pretty chin.

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