Syrian Stickball Practice

You may not know this, but Syrians love themselves a good game of stickball. But since the war started, it's been hard for these guys to get a good game in. So they find time to practice their swing from time to time, while still handling their soldier duties.

  • frankdrebin January 10, 2013

    this is how they jump you into the gang - you live, you get a cab to drive

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  • 2indastink January 10, 2013

    piñata for sand niggers....

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  • bitchisaidshit January 10, 2013

    Awesome frank!! Just awesome!

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  •   rockinron January 10, 2013

    wtf? first we create football then some european makes a variant called soccer, then we create baseball, now some asshole in the middle east has made a variant of that. whats next? some shit head gonna try to make a new kind of nascar in russia on the hwy or something?

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  • preferemshaved January 10, 2013

    My take on America's involvement in any Arab country. We should make like a porn star and pull out.

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  • deathwish January 10, 2013

    What a bunch of hard men......NOT!!!! One man against a bunch of cunts in a so called army uniform. I could shoot evil cunts like that and not even bat an eyelid. And they think its all a laugh or down to their faith. What a load of bullshit. It's just pissed off cowards who think they can take on the world, but one on one they would run a mile. Just hate cunts like this full stop.

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  • ludenlasivius January 10, 2013

    Na, that's just how you say 'Please' in Arabic.

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  •   vulture January 10, 2013

    the first steps towards democracy...or maybe not

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  • biggertalk January 10, 2013

    @suckinron are you an idiot? "soccer" isn't a variant of football it IS football you cunt, handegg is fucking gay and should be called something else.

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  •   crazyvet January 10, 2013

    And the acts of bravery and heroism just keep coming from this region of the Earth's asshole.

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  • saywhen January 10, 2013

    sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

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  • morbuis669 January 10, 2013

    fucking drop a nuke already

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  • sleeko January 10, 2013

    Muslims, kill'n Muslims.... Love it

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  • madcat January 10, 2013

    God is great hay I call him shit dog,backwards its dogshit.

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  • blnunderdog January 10, 2013

    Where u live these days is like winning or losing in the lotto ....

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  • tnblkbear January 10, 2013

    Better off to put that AK in your mouth and pull the trigger than to let these sick fucks capture you. It will much faster and hurt a hell of a lot less.

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  •   rockinron January 10, 2013

    spoken like a true soccer fag biggertalk.

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  • txdo_msk January 10, 2013

    I wonder if that will show up on CurrentTV (al jizzera) when their new overlords takes the reins?

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  • drtyrell January 10, 2013

    I'd do that to a foreign bank mercenary trying to take over my country too. Long live Syria!

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  • ghosthunter January 10, 2013

    Allah is sick of these ass holes..

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  •   pizzapie January 10, 2013

    Is the meat tenderized yet? I'm getting hungry

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  • arathron January 11, 2013

    the one punished got his favorite toy inside the potatochip bags and said "oh my god!", then the others quickily said "allah snackbar motherfucker! snackbar"

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  • airsporter January 31, 2016

    Brave Bastards!

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