A Lesson In Drunk Skimboarding

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Adam H.
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Skimboarding should be the perfect hobby for a fully-clothed, drunk bum who's pants are too big. I think I know the problem here. He needs to drink some more and then give it a shot.

  • clitoris January 11, 2013

    For the first time in twenty years the salt water on his pants isn't his own

  • biggertalk January 11, 2013

  • clitoris January 11, 2013

    ^Bigger is lost for words...Haaahaaha™

  • onetime42 January 11, 2013

    Hey, at least he didn't fall off!

  • preferemshaved January 11, 2013

    Well he's clean now.

  • urapnes1701d January 11, 2013

    Everybody knows that the waves are at their worst during a full moon!

  • bigtalk January 11, 2013

    FAKE whites dont touch water

  • frankdrebin January 11, 2013

    dude will jump in anything foamy

  • morbuis669 January 11, 2013

    Wow I didn't think it was possible to look dumber then biggertalk, guess I was wrong.

  • rockinron January 11, 2013

    bigtalk wont go near the beach chimps can't swim and he has no need for a tan or skinny women.

  • gofkurself January 11, 2013

    lol fucking bums

  • the_aristocrat January 11, 2013

    Clitoris when he goes to the beach on a good day.

  • clitoris January 11, 2013

    ^do you mean on a good day for weather or a good day for me?

    Please explain so I know if you are complimenting me for getting out of the house of insulting me for being a pathetic poor out doors person.

    Check out my facebook page, I've dedicated a whole page to you, here's the address, www dot the_aristrocrat dot homo dot com, no need to thank me it was a pleasure.

    give it a whirl, you'll see who's the dumb fucker on this site

  • scottiebear69 January 11, 2013

    Clitoris I agree with your mama that she shouldve swallowed.

  • clitoris January 11, 2013

    ^You're late Mate, I placed my order for a "fuck head typing bullshit" over 3 hours ago.

  • drtyrell January 11, 2013

    First bath in years!

  • madcat January 12, 2013

    Im sure an eal swam up his anus.

  • gimmy77 February 12, 2013

    most fun he`s had in years

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