Attempted suicide ends in murder.

So the Morracan chick here that jumps off the building, lands on a dude that tries to catch here, like a dumbass, she lives and he dies. Awesome!

  • unwell82 January 12, 2013

    I wonder if at any point, did he think to himself..this might be a bad idea???

  • the_aristocrat January 12, 2013

    She was attempting the deep throat world record.

  • preferemshaved January 12, 2013

    He quickly saw how being a chubby chaser was a bad life desicion.

  • urapnes1701d January 12, 2013

    People who jump off of buildings tend to cave in whole cars, and you're going to try and catch her??....

  • assmasterson January 12, 2013

    I wish she'd landed on the person holding the camera.

  • ghosthunter January 12, 2013

    I got it I got it I got it.... Yep He got it..

  • 2indastink January 12, 2013

    I think it was sarcasm, not sure but that is what I got from it?!

  • frankdrebin January 12, 2013

    it's because in that country, if you catch her you get to ride her around like a horse for life

  • crazyvet January 12, 2013

    Worst majic stunt I have ever seen.

  • biggertalk January 12, 2013

    0y my g8d

  • rockinron January 12, 2013

    if he was dumb enough to try and catch her then he deserved to die.

  • madcat January 12, 2013

    Did she land on his cock.

  • spaulding January 13, 2013

    Now the government is going to kill you anyways.

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