He Has The Ultimate Weapon

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Adam H.
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Who would have guessed that a chair is such a good defense against armed robbers? Granted, it does help if the robbers are fucking idiots and suck at what they do. And never underestimate the effect of dropping your pants for them too.

  • rockinron January 17, 2013

    i'd run too he looked like he was about to jump on and take a ride up the hershey highway!!

  • timjusttim January 17, 2013

    looks like don vito watch out for his chair.

  • preferemshaved January 17, 2013

    He was about to blow that guy for money.

  • madcat January 17, 2013

    Think he wanted them to sit down whilst he tied em up and then raped them.

  • rareranking January 17, 2013

    First clue he would win: (the line of site of real paper bags!)

  • biggertalk January 17, 2013

    This is by far the most failed attempt at a robbery I've ever seen. And the old man's pants fell off too WTF?

  • tgarner January 17, 2013

    Works for lion tamers, why not!

  • lazyvet January 17, 2013

    Meth addicts all deserve to get the chair

  • frankdrebin January 17, 2013

    "sit down!" ::whack::

  • txdo_msk January 17, 2013

    Check out my \"Flying Dutchman\" chair drop.

    Get it? Dutchman? See the word, Utrecht, in the corner? That's Dutch! My wife says my jokes are so clever and witty...

  • ouch January 17, 2013

    Insert Benny Hill Music now

  • gunz January 17, 2013

    LOL ^^^^ +1

  • assmasterson January 17, 2013

    The "ultimate weapon" isn't the chair. It's the turd in that old guy's Depends.

  • the_aristocrat January 17, 2013

    The robbers were closet gays who just wanted to go to prison and the knife was to cut the soap rope.

  • ghosthunter January 17, 2013

    They would have loved to meet my 9mm..

  • shitbox January 17, 2013

    And its so important to ban gun laws

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