She's Getting More Than Just A Tan

What's the problem, lady? He's just trying to add some lotion to your skin. The sun can do nasty damage, and sperm will help keep you from burning and getting wrinkles and stuff. Don't argue with science.

  • marcodufour January 18, 2013

    Was that diet squirty lotion ?

  • chupamiverga January 18, 2013

    he jerked off on his mom

  • biggertalk January 18, 2013

    Cumming on fine bitches in public is always so tempting.

  • marcodufour January 18, 2013

    Playing hard to get as she didn`t swallow

  • madcat January 18, 2013

    Its his wife and its the weekend ,if you get my drift I was marry`d once no more.

  • angeldreamer January 18, 2013

    Adam you sick

  • ghosthunter January 18, 2013

    First the cum, then the pepper spray.

  • d82ndabn January 18, 2013

    Fuckin' jerk off!

  • preferemshaved January 18, 2013

    I can barely jack off in front of co workers. How does he do it in front of complete strangers.

  • rockinron January 18, 2013

    tried this once but the woman turned out to be my sister and i was in her bedroom standing on her night stand, go figure.

  • the_aristocrat January 18, 2013

    \"What are you doing?\" Ha ha ha fucking priceless!

  • rockinron January 19, 2013

    hmmmm funny how all my comments have the same 6-7 negs, wonder why? seems sombody is trolling for the next moon cycle.

  • lazyvet January 19, 2013

    how about maybe you just aren't funny and the democratic vote has proven this with NEGATIVES

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