A blast from the past.

"In the early 1980s, Pennsylvania discovered its state workers had overpaid federal taxes due to errors in state withholding. Many accounting firms competed for a multimillion-dollar contract to determine compensation to each employee. In 1986, Dwyer was convicted of receiving a bribe from a California firm trying to gain the contract. Throughout his trial and after his conviction, he maintained that he was innocent of the charge and that he had been framed. Dwyer was scheduled to be sentenced on those charges on January 23, 1987, the day after his death." There's your daily history lesson.

  • uselesssoldier January 19, 2013

    I watched this as a teenager but it was cut from television as soon as he put the pistol in his mouth.

    But thank you CrazyShit for filling in the missing suicide footage.

    +8 -2
  • biggertalk January 19, 2013

    Suiciding like a BOSS!

    +4 -7
  •   pizzapie January 19, 2013

    the asshole got blood on the carpet

    +4 -2
  • 2indastink January 19, 2013

    Budd Dwyer loved the cock.

    +3 -3
  • thetip4asec January 19, 2013

    Hey Man, Nice Shot

    +8 -3
  •   rockinron January 19, 2013

    i watched this live i was 19 years old. we were slack jawed. it was several years before faces of death got ahold of the footage. i bought the faces of death video just to watch this scene. i was imediately hooked on this shit and well here i am today still spankin the monkey to dumb fucks with circumventilated heads due to bad life choices and fast moving lead objects!! fap fap fap fap

    +6 -3
  • urapnes1701d January 19, 2013

    A dead politition. 1 down, 574 more to go..

    +8 -1
  • bigtalk January 19, 2013

    god damn it no you fucking cracker thats not the way it works you snap and then you go out to a theater or a mall and kill other crackers thats the american way and then ppl of color laugh their fucking ass off cuz whites are so weak minded FACT

    +1 -11
  • frankdrebin January 19, 2013

    thank you for saving us the money of having to jail you... you were a good accountant after all

    +12 -1
  • shitbox January 19, 2013

    one way to suck start a pistol

    +2 -2
  • stevenh915 January 19, 2013

    i did the same thing after seeing a nicki minaj song ..

    +6 -2
  •   potrostation January 19, 2013

    @ thetip4asec : Few people know that's what the song was about.

    +2 -2
  • the_aristocrat January 19, 2013

    Big ass pistol.

    +2 -2
  • morbuis669 January 19, 2013

    This one never gets old, to bad we never got to hear his final words.

    +3 -1
  • spaulding January 19, 2013

    "Don't panic" I won't. He's already dead. Can I have his revolver?

    +4 -1
  • showmeurtits January 19, 2013

    Damn can we teach Obama that trick?

    +2 -4
  • billybadbird January 19, 2013

    so his lawyers knew and were cool with him doing that? isnt there a law against that or something? shit i dont know fuck it.

    +0 -3
  • tymeone January 19, 2013

    now that the smokes gone..and the air is all clear, those who were right there, have a new kind of fear.

    this dude inspired a great fucking song.

    +0 -1
  • damdean January 19, 2013

    Dude... blast from the past for real! U went all ogrish n faces of death on me.. at the same damn time. I think I came in my panties!

    +0 -1
  • madcat January 20, 2013

    I am the 4 th cat to post bottom cat .

    +0 -1
  • gunz January 20, 2013

    ^^ u are not a cat.. stop it

    +0 -1
  • assmasterson January 20, 2013

    @billybadbird, nobody knew he was going to do that. He was out on bail until the sentencing, and wasn't subject to security. He was holding a press conference in the building where his office was, and brought the gun in on his own, concealed in his briefcase. He surprised everybody with it.

    +0 -0
  •   dozer67 January 20, 2013

    Jan 23 1987 that's the day of my birthday I was 20, ahh good times,good times.

    +0 -0
  • ven0m89 January 22, 2013

    He said "don't panic" I woulda shit bricks lol

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