Helping Her Catch Her Train

If you're going to rob a bitch, that's one thing, but do you really need to throw her down on the train tracks? That's pretty fucked. He doesn't exactly look like the kind of guy with strong moral values though.

  • uselesssoldier January 21, 2013

    Never carry bananas in your handbag!

  • pizzapie January 21, 2013

    time for some anal explorations in prison

  • marcodufour January 21, 2013

    Exactly what should happen to the Australian troll.

  • ludenlasivius January 21, 2013

    How's that gun control workin' out for ya, muthafuckas?

  • biggertalk January 21, 2013

    Should've been uselesssoldier, the football hating douchebag.

  • happyjack January 21, 2013

    The good news is he won't ever get out of prison. The bad news is, we'll be paying for him to be there.

  • azzholee January 21, 2013

    @bigshit - fucking black people

  • angeldreamer January 21, 2013

    What else to expect from theese filthy nigger losers...

  • gofkurself January 21, 2013

    ive said over and over. "niggers being niggers"

  • showmeurtits January 21, 2013

    Q: What do Niggers & Cats have in common?

    A: All the good ones are buried in the backyard.

  • vulture January 21, 2013

    next time give him a cigarette lighter that works

  • shitbox January 21, 2013

    That peice of shit needs to get one between the eyes

  • assmasterson January 21, 2013

    Happy MLK/Inauguration Day!

  • xizang January 21, 2013

    HE HAD A DREAM... Killing some white chick for no reason. It's a Black thing.

  • reginald January 21, 2013

    @showmeurtits +1 Only one thing I hate more than cats and that's the filthy welfare stealing tribe I have living next door to my house.

  • 2indastink January 21, 2013

    I fuck cat in hats.

  • rockinron January 21, 2013

    so fucking happy i live in the middle of a fucking corn field town in southern michigan, if i had to deal with ignorant bigtalk niggers everyday, i'd be buried so deep under the local prison, i could dig my way out to china easyier!

  • frankdrebin January 21, 2013

    Do what would brother king would do. Bleed out and die.

  • preferemshaved January 21, 2013

    And one of those is our president.

  • uk-13astard January 21, 2013

    nigs be nigging

  • nandogdog January 21, 2013

    Fucking niggers!

  • honkie365 January 21, 2013

    Happy James Earl Ray Day everyone.

    Gee...the guy was black. Surprise!!!!!

  • crazyvet January 21, 2013

    Be sure to show this video to all his good buddies in prison. They will reward him for his bravery.

  • m1009 January 21, 2013

    If our Ancestors were alive today and saw this shit, they would have sank everyone of those slave ships out in the Atlantic

  • killtacular January 21, 2013

    His punishment shoudl be death by train. Secure him firmly to the tracks. GIve him two choices. Die by being hit by the train, or die by making the connection with the third rail.

    Either way, it won't be pretty, and it'll be damned painful.

    Lead by example...that is..lead by making examples out of dumb, violent niggers like this.

  • bigtalk January 21, 2013

    if o.j can beat and kill a white bitch and get away with it so can you brotha

  • d82ndabn January 21, 2013

    Fucking niggers! FACT

  • blnunderdog January 22, 2013

    the best thing was at the end..good morning america haha

  • celtickhan January 22, 2013

    There are Bigtalk and Biggertalks standards at work right there!! "Fucking white people" arrested them... You can take a black man out of the hood, but you cannot take the jungle out of the black man FACT

  • lolwhitepeople January 24, 2013

    He was just showing her the way to kitchen heaven.

  • oddpussman January 26, 2013

    Fuck you bitch for being nice and letting me borrow your lighter.

  • jerryrocks July 4, 2013


  • jayconblue September 30, 2013

    His parents must of been white. Damn these crackers.

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