Kicking Him While He's Down

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Adam H.
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Now that really sucks for this guy. Getting your ass beat by a gang of dudes in skinny jeans is about as humiliating as it gets. Shit, that's even worse than getting beat down by a tranny. Even trannies wouldn't be caught dead wearing skinny jeans.

  • ludenlasivius January 23, 2013

    Kobra Kai, mercy is for the weak!

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  • biggertalk January 23, 2013

    Gettng beat up by a gang of skinny jean wearing douchebags is any man's worst nightmare.

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  • crazyasshole January 23, 2013

    such bravery here

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  •   rockinron January 23, 2013

    bet mister fag pants mamma slaps the shit outta him everytime she catches him blowing his daddy.

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  • scottiebear69 January 23, 2013

    Bad as Fuck with the backup. I bet the big boy would whip his faggot ass mano to mano

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  • swazzi January 23, 2013

    Got Teeth?

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  • frankdrebin January 23, 2013

    video is more like "faggy soccer player takes 5 face kicks to knock regular dude out"

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  • woozlewuzzle January 23, 2013

    Fag can't even kick with those stupid jeans on.

    I try to rebel by wearing pants baggie and big as possible,anyone who wears tight jeans is a douche bag.

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  • deathwish January 23, 2013

    Fucking bunch of cowards...... One on one they would not of started shit, plain and simple. If that would of been me kicked like that I would hunt everyone of them fuckers down one by one and dealt with them appropriately. Fucking hate pricks like this.

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  • shit4brains January 23, 2013

    Young guys today fight like Pussy's .....that kicken shit is for girls or queers

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  •   crazyvet January 23, 2013

    At least they were white guys, so he didn't get robbed.

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  • sleeko January 23, 2013

    This what happens when you take away all the guns. England took away all guns. Now, they have 3.5X the violent crime rate, as the US. They just don't use guns.

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  • honkie365 January 23, 2013

    They fight like those African-American gentlemen.

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  • gofkurself January 23, 2013

    fucking pussies!

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  • invisus January 23, 2013

    Pillow biter in the white really has some repressed issues.

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  • mcgaugh57 January 24, 2013

    future convicts and useless trash

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