That's How You Get Her Wet

If there's a lady you fancy, but aren't sure how to get with her, here is a sure way to gain her love. Tackle that bitch! That's right, just slam her down on the cement and throw that bitch in the pool. It works every time.

  • biggertalk January 23, 2013

    Why didn't he just throw her in the cement instead, it's a goddamn woman!

  • ludenlasivius January 23, 2013

    Here's a hint, Pedro: Sexual assault usually works better when nobody's filming it.

  • rockinron January 23, 2013

    thats one mexican that won't be eating the taco tonight!

  • crazyasshole January 23, 2013

    thats got to be the ugliest language on earth! fucking brazilians! i wish they'd only let the women come to america! every brazilian man is the biggest douchebag ever ! fuck em!

  • 2indastink January 23, 2013

    Virgins.....only good for Muslims.

  • frankdrebin January 23, 2013

    you missed... she fell in the pool

  • kimboslice January 23, 2013

    bet she is madder than the kkk at a puff daddy concert!!

  • ouch January 23, 2013

    Guess whose not getting their dick sucked tonight

  • crazyvet January 23, 2013

    She will be having the makeup sex with someone else.

  • azzholee January 23, 2013

    no tune for you tonight

  • gunz January 23, 2013

    ^^^^ the answer would be 'E all of the above'

  • ghosthunter January 23, 2013

    Nice JOB knucklehead.

  • pizzapie January 23, 2013

    where's the video of him getting his head kicked in?

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