Glass Rod In The Peehole

Of all the crazyshit I've seen in my time here, stuff in the peehole is really the only thing that still makes me cringe a little. What the fuck? Penis in vagina is perfect combo. I don't know why people are so eager to change things up so much.

  • preferemshaved January 29, 2013

    Lmao!!! When your hand is bigger than your dick you have no reason to live!!

  • biggertalk January 29, 2013

    I read this article in some playboy mag from like 9 years ago saying how in arab countries they use these rods to jack off.

  • rockinron January 29, 2013

    i was praying so hard that the glass would break!! just proves praying don't work! why would god not want to fuck this idiots dick up for doing some dumb shit like that!!

  • harleybitch January 29, 2013

    NOT the way i wanted to see dick on here. Damn that looks like that hurts

  • the_aristocrat January 29, 2013

    Johnson's retirement party.

  • frankdrebin January 29, 2013

    this must be a trailer for that movie, Catha Blanca

  • xizang January 29, 2013

    With a penis no larger than the guy's thumb, he's not risking losing much.

  • crazyvet January 29, 2013

    This is probably the closest to pussy he will ever get.

  • dozer67 January 29, 2013

    how the hell is this pleasurable!?!

  • ouch January 29, 2013

    Ever tried it? I have.It takes some getting used to but it does feel good :) Just like anal for the first few times then WOW ohh lightfighter when I wear my vibrating butt plug and use my cock toys I think of you oh ahh ohh ahhh lightfighter you big stud !

  • gunz January 29, 2013

    did you skip your meds again ouch

  • miner69er January 29, 2013

    someone should walk up and break that glass. now that would be entertaining!

  • morbuis669 January 29, 2013

    oh fuck yeah I'm going to do that tonight.

  • dubjunkee January 30, 2013

    so thats why your names ouch

  • antnee1219 January 30, 2013

    What a fukin idiot!

  • ghosthunter January 30, 2013

    Now hit it with a hammer.

  • pizzapie January 30, 2013

    I can only hope this guy dies today

  • d90girl January 30, 2013

    This guy needs help....well @ least that poor little pecker does !

  • rodeye2 January 31, 2013

    It's hammer time.

  • u-235 January 31, 2013

    Not a glass rod. A urethral sound.

  • soypisto75 February 2, 2013


  • blackdahlia February 16, 2013

    What the fuck, man thats pretty fucked up right there

  • wantitbad101 June 1, 2013

    All I can say if you havent tried it don't judge.

    Its an extreme sensation to do this.

    I do this about once a week & with a sound thats over 1/2 inch in diameter.

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