A Few Kicks To The Face End Things Nicely

So many wonderful things happen in the parking lot of the ghetto corner store. It's like a magical place where dreams come true. Except the dream of getting out of the ghetto. That one never really comes true.

  • crazyvet February 5, 2013

    this must have been in another country, because they wearn't speaking English.

  • wheredahoesat February 5, 2013

    Thats it, typical coon. kick a man when he is down.

  • frankdrebin February 5, 2013

    da fresh prince of compton yo

  • killkenny February 5, 2013

    Their teacher said they had to make a video that exemplifies Black History.

  • tgarner February 5, 2013

    I'm still not so sure Lincoln had a good idea!

  • dozer67 February 5, 2013

    I'm shithead and two guys fighting over me!!!

  • dozer67 February 5, 2013

    to all the cry babies,It's a freaken street fight!! anything goes!!..so stop bitching about the kicks.

  • biggertalk February 5, 2013

    Didn't that skinny little shit was gonna win the fight.

  • spaulding February 5, 2013

    KICK "Gimme yo gold teef nigga" KICK "I gotz to trade dem at Cash fo Gold"

  • angeldreamer February 5, 2013


  • 2indastink February 5, 2013

    The reason I like negro on negro violence is.......you can absolutely guarantee that at least one nigger will be getting hurt.

  • gunz February 5, 2013

    @wherdahoesat- he wasn't down when they started fighting was he? i saw him swinging back. the dude was making damn sure he didnt get back up and win the fight. what would you do, hit him a couple times and when he fell say 'ok sir i wont hit you again till you stand up and fight back' GTFO

  • gunz February 5, 2013

    the way i see it it was a fair fight. personally i couldn't be bothered, the guy hitting me first would have gotten shot. thats just me though.

  • sparkles February 5, 2013

    Move along. They were just fighting over a crack rock. This is what black history month is all about!!!

  • preferemshaved February 5, 2013

    Where were the other 10 that are supposed to jump in while he's laying on the ground?

  • rockinron February 5, 2013

    fake as hell. no one was yelling worldstar and i didnt hear any monkey screams.

  • m1009 February 5, 2013

    @preferemshaved that only happens when a white dude is beating down a porch monkey

  • honkie365 February 5, 2013

    Put some white blood in them and they are almost human.

  • pizzapie February 5, 2013

    I see the ufc in his future

  • showmeurtits February 5, 2013

    ^^^ Uncle Frank's Chicken?^^^

  • island_mon February 5, 2013

    Looks like a murder in the near future.

  • ghosthunter February 6, 2013

    Great Colored commentary

  • atfnwo February 6, 2013

    Obama finest

  • croccock February 7, 2013

    I can see who won the welfare checks in that fight.

  • handicapitated February 7, 2013


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