Syrian Soldiers Behead Civilian

The Free Syrian Army has been hard at work beheading civilians. And all in the name of Allah. What inspiring and dedicated religious guys they are.

  • xeronox February 6, 2013

    Yes! Finally some fuckin subtitles. Well, I'm off for the day, my wife just got pissed at me. I'm sure y'all know all about that shit! I'm addicted to beheadings.. I can't help it damnit!

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  • spaulding February 6, 2013

    The thing I find most shocking about this video, is that motherfucker can read.

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  • 2indastink February 6, 2013

    might as well've used a fucking spoon....

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  • t0mmy February 6, 2013


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  • onetime42 February 6, 2013

    Does anyone own a knife sharpener in any of these third world shitholes?

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  •   vulture February 6, 2013

    wow at long last subtitles...whatever knives

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  • woozlewuzzle February 6, 2013

    He said by the words of Allah sinners could get their hands or feet cut off or be exiled.They never do that,it's a lot more fun for these assholes to behead someone.

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  • biggertalk February 6, 2013

    So is his head a collector's item now or what?

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  •   dozer67 February 6, 2013

    Damn China made knives...

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  • the_aristocrat February 6, 2013

    I guess focus hasn't been invented yet.

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  • sparkles February 6, 2013

    That ginzu was dull as shit!

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  • frankdrebin February 6, 2013

    You sure that's not Syria's fashion police?

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  • deathwish February 6, 2013

    What an evil race........ Nuke the fucking lot of them, plain and simple.

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  • chupamiverga February 6, 2013

    what a luxurious resort. definitely going there for spring break.

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  • giggity February 6, 2013

    all the religions are the same crap just different smell, these fucking Muslims have proven they're nothing but a whole buncha mental retards! what a shit load of fuck!

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  • morbuis669 February 6, 2013

    nuke their fucking asses already!

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  • ghosthunter February 6, 2013

    FUCK YOU and your Prophit mojo jojo.

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  •   killkenny February 6, 2013

    Yup. Throw his filthy, bleeding, lice infested ass in the only clean water well within 400 miles. Not only are they peaceful; they're super smart too!

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  •   rockinron February 6, 2013

    he was just getting rid of his final exam he just flunked. the heads supposed to come all the way off and he failed.

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  • ven0m89 February 6, 2013

    Well it seems to hold true if you hear Allah Akbar in the Middle East while blindfolded your fucked.

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  • neospace February 6, 2013

    That technique is called the chop and drop

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  • darkwestern February 7, 2013

    Some how the "or exiled from this land" part never comes into these videos.

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  • arathron February 9, 2013

    i'm quite troubled now that i can read they halabalahabla, they say there is more alternative than end up chopped in parts or shoot to death, they can be exiled but then again should we be glad that they aren't exporting their fucked up shit to other countries killing their own kind? or should we feel bad because having a way according to true pacific means of a "religion" they brutally chose always for execution? no wonder they can't make a glass city from all that sand, they just don't have the brains

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  • arathron February 9, 2013

    also if they are so fucking devoted to their religion why he need to read from a paper the only lines they use and know from the coran?

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