Keep On Truckin'

Well look at that, somebody actually came out in the street to help the old lady get up. That was a close call. She was mere inches from being smeared on the road like sandwich spread.

  • onetime42 February 14, 2013

    You fuckers ever heard of using a crosswalk? No? Never mind, carry on then.

  • jed1 February 14, 2013

    Wow look at the speed of those guys helping that old lady, lets see that again in slow motion..

  • crazyvet February 14, 2013

    Sounds like the funniest thing they will see all day.

  • coonboy February 14, 2013

    You're not an alcoholic unless you drink before the school bus runs.

  • vulture February 14, 2013

    so useing the bridge to get to the other side was out of the question

  • vulture February 14, 2013

    on 2nd thoughts is russia so the bridge may not be that safe

  • biggertalk February 14, 2013

    Where the fuck did she come from?

  • frankdrebin February 14, 2013

    "third time this week..." said the pedestrian... and the truck driver

  • donunderstan February 14, 2013

    10 to 1 the vodka was in her purse.

  • rockinron February 14, 2013

    woulda killed any other woman in the world her age to fall down like that. just proves that vodka is the nectar of the gods.

  • scottiebear69 February 14, 2013

    If they was in Chinkland they wouldve just let her lay.

  • pacific February 14, 2013

    ^^^Your right scotttiebear^^^ Then it would have been a whole different video.

  • morbuis669 February 14, 2013

    Its all good she's tough she's russian.

  • d90girl February 14, 2013

    What ever she's taking for osteoporosis...

    It's working !

  • dkgarr999 February 16, 2013

    oh fuck she got runover by the vodka truck

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