Going For A Swim On The Bus

This is what happens when an evil bus hits a water main. Passengers almost drowned on the bus, but they got out. Drowning on bus would be a pretty lame way to go out. Yay for public transportation.

  • frankdrebin February 19, 2013

    the bang bus finally learned how to squirt

  • biggertalk February 19, 2013

    I was on the BangBus once, had a threesome with DD college skanks, good times brah.

  • fingers February 19, 2013

    it won't start. It's flooded

  • fingers February 19, 2013

    maybe there just trying to get smell of niggers out of it.

  • gunz February 19, 2013

    ^^ or maybe you rode in it and they decided the bus was a total loss anyways

  • xizang February 19, 2013

    It's the new way of getting the smell of all those black passengers out.

  • the_aristocrat February 19, 2013

    Bus enema.

  • downunder69 February 19, 2013

    step right up !its the vaginitus annual bath festival, if it smells a little brown, come on down

  • morbuis669 February 19, 2013

    Biggertalk your driving sucks! Yes I said it.

  • shitbox February 19, 2013

    U have to be really talented at being a fuckin moron to manage that

  • donunderstan February 19, 2013

    Maybe it's full of hot blonde German tourists needing to go.

  • tgarner February 19, 2013

    Cool, a portable water maker!

  • sintekk February 19, 2013

    At least it won't smell like piss and vaseline anymore..

  • spaulding February 19, 2013

    It still wouldn't wash the bum piss smell out of there.

  • blnunderdog February 19, 2013

    The evil bus cover up one track's from his last ride...

  • urapnes1701d February 19, 2013

    For sale: Used 45 passenger Metro bus. Recently pressure cleaned interior, Salvaged title due to minor flood damage. Make offer.

  • scottiebear69 February 19, 2013

    Too much Jeri curl juice on windows so power washing

  • rockinron February 19, 2013

    wont do a damn bit of good, first group of porch monkeys that get on that thing, will stink the fucker up again before the end of the day.

  • tnblkbear February 19, 2013

    This should be the next new ride at Disney. I'd go in there. Fuck yeah!

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