The Back Breaker

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Adam H.
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Great jump, buddy. How's your face feeling? Oh, you think you broke your back? Well that sucks for you. But don't worry, we got some pretty good footage of you doing it, so it wasn't for nothing.

  • iluvkitty February 22, 2013

    Look at it this way...... at least you already have the wood for your wheelchair ramp.

  • urapnes1701d February 22, 2013

    Don't worry. He'll tell all the girls that he got permenantly disabled from saving a young dog from running across the street or something. Sounds more heroic than "I was a dumb shit, jumped my bicycle, and cried like an ass raped girl".

  • spaulding February 22, 2013

    fatty fall down and go boom.

  • shitbox February 22, 2013

    the story of broke back bike

  • marcodufour February 22, 2013

    Singing- " Macho macho mannnnn, i wanna be a macho man "

  • meagain February 22, 2013

    I'll bet he plays soccer also.

  • crazyvet February 22, 2013

    Somebody twist his head around and see if he can feel that.

  • rockinron February 22, 2013

    wtf? no blood? get your fat ass up and do that shit again! this time get it right! we wanna see blood or stop your fucking crying ya little bitch!!

  • frankdrebin February 22, 2013

    just bury him and make a cool jump out of the mound

  • biggertalk February 22, 2013


  • scottiebear69 February 22, 2013

    Pussy. Cant stand the heat stay the fuck out the kitchen.

  • ghosthunter February 22, 2013

    I bet that hurt.. Dumb ass.

  • donunderstan February 22, 2013

    Lesson to your mother. Fat people should keep all fours on the ground.

  • txdo_msk February 22, 2013

    Yo, Jesus! Set him up so we can clear him on the jump!

  • aticusdrake February 22, 2013

    Just think: he's in a full body cast. N.O.F. happens along, drills a hole where his ass is, and theres nothing he can do about it.

  • happyjack February 22, 2013

    Yeah that's a good idea, let him drink some water laying flat on his back.

  • gunz February 22, 2013

    very lame

  • d90girl February 22, 2013

    I hope he DIES ! DUMBASS

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