Obstacle Course For Dumbasses

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Adam H.
24,778 Views 4 years ago

This is a good start, but the annihilation course isn't quite long enough. There should definitely be a few more obstacles in there. Maybe something with rusty nails, a live animal attack, and one more nutshot wouldn't be bad.

  • morbuis669 March 5, 2013

    Dude if you want to get yourself teased and maced just go flip off a cop, that would be way more entertaining.

  • marcodufour March 5, 2013

    " What do we do dude ? " Try tasering his nuts so this restard can`t breed.

  • marcodufour March 5, 2013

    retard i mean fucking letter thief!

  • superhotdom March 5, 2013

    Must be related to george bush

  • biggertalk March 5, 2013

    what do we do dude

  • sparkles March 6, 2013

    If you look up Fucktard in the dictionary it shows this boy's pic!!!

  • handsomedevil March 6, 2013

    when you're white and privileged you have to create your own problems. fucking honky, pink bastards...

  • frankdrebin March 6, 2013

    basically cramming marriage and divorce in 2:49

  • ghosthunter March 6, 2013

    Even the crew of Jack Ass would not do this kinda shit.

  • rockinron March 6, 2013

    i go into combat with this guy as a battle buddy in any war on earth! the epitomy of self conrtrol and badassery all in one dude.

  • tnblkbear March 6, 2013

    And now, the award for Douchebag of the Year goes to.....

  • supercow March 9, 2013

    Uhh... Why? Just fucking why?

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