Twofer Tuesday: Scooter Crashes

First we have some shitty driving which leads to two scooters going down. And next, you don't really see the scooter get hit by the truck, but you do get to see the driver running away on fire. First time I've seen a scooter explode. Hopefully it's not the last.

  • useful_idiot March 12, 2013

    Beep Beep

  • dozer67 March 12, 2013

    Hot foot Hot foot!!!! See that fucker run...LOL

  • potroast666 March 12, 2013

    If you ride a scooter daily, you deserve anything horrible that happens to you on the road. Lets just pray for more dash-cams!

  • swazzi March 12, 2013

    That second guy looked a little hot under the collar.

  • biggertalk March 12, 2013

    yeah scooters are gay i've seen enough.

  • donunderstan March 12, 2013

    Stupid chinks, if you wanna imitate Michael Jackson you light your HEAD on fire and dance.

  • rockinron March 12, 2013

    i bet they all have fat chicks for girlfriends

  • frankdrebin March 12, 2013

    asian mopes are finally uniting and self-immolating in protest to the way their owners treat them

  • crazyvet March 12, 2013

    Don't you love the way everyone goes about their business like nothing happened?

  • uk-13astard March 12, 2013

    haha the dude running on fire is class

  • the_aristocrat March 12, 2013

    Why roll when you can burn.

  • happyjack March 12, 2013

    Dad always puts too much charcoal lighter on the BBQ.

  • gunz March 12, 2013

    stop drop and roll stupid

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