It's Not Easy To Tackle A Moving Car

If seeing a crazy naked guy running around in the street wasn't already awesome enough, wait until he tries to tackle a moving car. Fucking priceless. Sometimes you really have to appreciate all the entertainment drugs have provided us throughout the years.

  • m1009 March 14, 2013

    Dumb Porch Monkey thought that was a 300# white chick

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  • assmasterson March 14, 2013

    And yet he still believes that if he keeps trying, he'll be the first person to successfully infect an automobile with hepatitis.

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  • biggertalk March 14, 2013

    the white man drove him insane with the stupidity so can't blame him!

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  •   rockinron March 14, 2013

    don't worry he will sue the white guy and some dumb ass guilty feeling white judge will give his nigger ass 2-3 million bucks!1 then next week when he overdose's on 20,000 bucks worth of heroin his family can sue the white judge for giving him the money!! the systme allways works.......for the niggers that holler loudest!

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  • angeldreamer March 14, 2013

    Stupid Coon...

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  • tgarner March 14, 2013

    Might of had better luck with a Prius instead of a Buick!

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  • gunz March 14, 2013

    anyone who doesn't neg me is a faggot

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  • donunderstan March 14, 2013

    Shouldn't be gittin' up in whiteys grill like that bro.

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  • urapnes1701d March 14, 2013

    This happened in my home town on Washington St. Guy must have been fucking high on something::::

    A driver who struck a pedestrian, sent him flipping through the air, and then drove off has been caught -- both by Buffalo, N.Y., police and on city surveillance cameras -- and now, the dramatic footage has been made public.

    "The footage is extremely graphic," Mayor Byron Brown said at a news conference Monday, adding that he was releasing it in response to a slew of hit-and-run accidents in the region recently. "The purpose for showing this video footage is to dramatize how dangerous hit and run accidents are."

    The incident in the video happened last Thursday at about 3 a.m., reported NBC affiliate WGRZ. Three pedestrians are seen walking in the road in Buffalo's west side on the city surveillance video. The men scramble to the sidewalk as a car suddenly roars up behind them, striking one and coming within inches of the others. After getting hit by the car, the victim goes flying over the hood, and the car continues driving.

    But not for long: Within minutes, police had arrested the suspect, 19-year-old Tornubari Gbaraba, thanks to descriptions of his vehicle from eyewitnesses, according to local reports.

    "He was arrested and charged with assault in the first-degree, reckless driving and fleeing from a police officer," Daniel Derenda, Buffalo police commissioner, told reporters Monday.

    The victim, Victor Jerez, 18, was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries, but has since been released, reported WGRZ.

    Gbaraba is an exchange student from Nigeria, reported BuffaloNews. He's accused of leading police on a short car chase before being forced to the curb.

    Police don't believe alcohol played a role in the hit-and-run, but they say they aren't sure if the victim was targeted

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  •   happyjack March 14, 2013

    Jesus Christ urapnes1701d half way through reading your long ass post, my eyes crossed, and I lost consicousnes. I just now woke back up.

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  • frankdrebin March 14, 2013

    quick, pump some tax dollars into him, stat!

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  •   handsomedevil March 14, 2013

    was that beetlejuice from the howard stern show?

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  • pacific8 March 15, 2013

    A. American should not drink Russian vodka... LOL

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  • angelb March 15, 2013

    the driver of the white car must of thought he was gonna eat his face..cant say that i blame him

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  • ghosthunter March 15, 2013

    Honest officer. the cray black naked guy ran into my car.

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  • morbuis669 March 16, 2013

    If this happen in Russia someone would have gotten their asses kicked.

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  • dhwbomber March 17, 2013

    Drugs or mental?

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  • stevenh915 March 17, 2013

    we have a hungry ass black man in need of KFC. . . i repeat we have a hungry ass insane black guy gona kill folks. . he be wearing a cops uniform . . he an overweight motherfucker . . bring a bargin bucket of chicken wings and hot sauce. . i repeat .. bring hot sauce. . !!

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  • ferrobbra March 19, 2013

    Do it again.

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