This is some funny shit here. I'm not sure how someone would think that a stranger wouldn't punch them in the face for doing the shit that guy did. But, I'm glad he did. Nice punch pewter-man!

  • frankdrebin March 16, 2013

    willy wanker failed

  • armystrongckb March 16, 2013

    U should know better than to fuck with a guy who has hands of steel

  • angelb March 16, 2013

    He deserved it..shit..punch him again

  • downunder69 March 16, 2013

    now where,s the ass raping mime artist to finish him off

  • vulture March 16, 2013

    surprised he waited so long

  • gunz March 16, 2013

    nice punch sally

  • crazyvet March 16, 2013

    Should have shot him several times with his silver gun.

  • rockinron March 16, 2013

    just another fag getting bitched slapped by a fag cowboy from broke back mountain

  • the_aristocrat March 16, 2013

    Wher's my mobey.

  • handsomedevil March 16, 2013

    you can tell it's universal studios city walk because of all the chinks. i went there last year and i thought they moved hong kong. they really are some goofy bastards.

  • biggertalk March 16, 2013

    where'd my comment about punchin rockinrong one day and makin him cry go, c'mon dawg

  • immanuelkunt March 16, 2013

    Another little shitass queer with a tatt gets the shit knocked out of him. Good, who gives a shit.

  • pizzapie March 16, 2013

    WTF, knock that punk out cold. Kick his skull till his brains come drooling out. You get the point, right?

  • dhwbomber March 17, 2013

    This dude is practically a beggar... fuck that fucker... whata stupid fuck

  • lowmaxxx March 18, 2013

    That happened at The Gold Coast mall next city over from where I live the guy getting punched said when interviewed he deserved it.

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