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posted by Henry M. on 3/17/2013


Let's hear what you would do and why?
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
i,d get out my phone and post it here bitches
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 8:38 AM

stomp them both out, grab that asian bitch and human centipede time
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 9:50 AM

If I walked upon something like that, somebody is going to get shot several times.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 10:06 AM

i have a ccw, this joke would have turned into front page news if i had walked up on it.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 10:11 AM

when did jay shave his head? and why didnt he post the pic?
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 10:15 AM

That would have not been all that funny if someone with a knife saw and decided the blade was better at home in the guy’s abdomen.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 10:25 AM

oh yes hitting the killer with a papper bag was a great idea...but at least she tried
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 10:26 AM

Crack open a beer and a bag of chips. Watch the guy struggle until I knew I actually had to help him, before the life left his eyes.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 11:29 AM

Them niggas is gettin shot!
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 11:48 AM

Why didn’t anyone do the obvious? Take off your scarf and help. The faster it’s over the less time you’re inconvenienced.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 12:01 PM

i’d be like "wassup?" then "damn son this is a murda goin on i’mma bounce".
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 1:10 PM

I’d kick the fucker in the head
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 2:26 PM

That’s some fucked shit right there, pussy ass people walking away from some shit like that, I would have atleast have pulled out my garrote and got behind the guy whos doing the strangling and have a race to the finish line.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 3:10 PM

lol the dude who takes a pic of it is a real sick man prob gave him a boner(piece of shit)
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 5:08 PM

I’d take his wallet.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 5:41 PM

yo fuck that ish i would say move bitch! get in the elevator with them and hit the floor i was goin to. as long as i get where im goin, its none of my biz, ya feel me? NO SNITCHIN!!
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 6:02 PM

i would wrap that rope round my neck jam a thumb up my ass and twist the shit outta my nipples!
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 6:42 PM

Way to represent yourself on a site that has thousands of ppl visit everyday! The only one on here that has any sense is whiskey! I command u for being human! The rest of u are asshats! But that's what being a real human is all bout in your eyes! Walking away huh? Maybe next time we see something like this it will be one of you guys Haha? I dont think we could be so lucky! Gutless yellow turds!!!
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 7:22 PM

Those guys are stupid
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 7:59 PM

Use my ta-ta-ta-tacklin fuel.
posted on: 03-17-13 @ 8:18 PM

I’d pull out my 9 and put a cap in his ass.
posted on: 03-18-13 @ 12:15 AM

i remember this one time, i was walking home at like 3 in the morning on a VERY early sunday morning, and i hear this bitch screaming, so i went to where the source of the scream was coming from and found this dude wailing on this girl, so i was like, "hey, homie, chill out, that;s a female blah blah blah." so this fool rolls up on me and starts with the whole ’mind your business’ trip and takes a swing. i ducked the punch, and was like "chill, fucker. i’m just saying, it’s a woman," and the next thing i know, i feel these little pitterpatter punches on my neck, and you know what? it was the female. bitch was all "don’t be putting hands on my man!"Lol so after that, i’v been like, "well, that’s their business. handle it."
posted on: 03-18-13 @ 6:06 AM

Knowing my shitty luck... Probably get murdered also.
posted on: 04-04-13 @ 3:44 PM

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