Flip The Police

He should have just kept on running. I wonder what these dicks are charging him with. It's good to know that they're out there keeping the streets safe from all the bad guys.

  • donunderstan March 18, 2013

    Stupid cops couldn't figure out how to erase it. Should be a good payday for Flipper.

  • potroast666 March 18, 2013

    Keepin' the streets safe, from one parkour loser at a time.

  • happyjack March 18, 2013

    Dumb fucking kid. The cops will fuck with you regardless, no need in giving them a reason to.

  • dozer67 March 18, 2013

    happyjack is correct, never give cops a reason.

  • crazyvet March 18, 2013

    If they can't arrest him during the flip, they should leave him the fuck alone.

  • 2indastink March 18, 2013

    Make rape an Olympic sport...

  • frankdrebin March 18, 2013

    i hope they broke his legs right before lacrosse season

  • killtacular March 18, 2013

    fuck them pigs. Sitting on a park bench while they should be in their cars waiting for a call.

  • rockinron March 18, 2013

    "sitting on a park bench!.....eyeing little girls with bad intent!!.....hey aqualung!!"

  • crazyasshole March 18, 2013

    cops suck ! the end!

  • biggertalk March 18, 2013

    Why the fuck didn't the dumb cunt keep running instead? Should've made sure to bring a box of Dunkin' Donuts to get on their good side.

  • gofkurself March 18, 2013


  • handsomedevil March 18, 2013

    you can do a flip over some cops but you can't out run their lard-asses? what the fook!

  • downunder69 March 18, 2013

    Didn't I see this in deliverance

  • dhwbomber March 19, 2013

    Kid shoulda flipped and ran off.... Now he's goin' in for EVADING ARREST! DUMBFUCK that's WAYYYY WORSE

  • d90girl March 21, 2013

    I would do the same thing if you disrespect me like that !!! Fuck that PUNK ! I'll bet he ain't gonna do that shit again !

    BTW...If you as much as tease or touch a ROYAL GUARD in England, you'll get arrested !! AS YOU SHOULD !

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